Saturday, March 30, 2013


That's the sound I make when coming to a quick stop here at Hospitality Lane.
A stop to say that we are still here and things are all good.

Since I was here last Jonathan has had his 22nd birthday.
We celebrated it two evenings this week.
Well, one was an already planned game night that 
grew larger as some came just because we were celebrating
Jonathan's successful arrival at a new year.

The second was a dinner out at Red Lobster.
I took this photo as proof that on very rare occasions
Jonathan will eat veggies. 

 In this case it is a Caesar salad.  I know you really can't see it
because of Jonathan's big hand, but take my word for it.
That is a salad ...and he was eating it.
For those who don't know, Jonathan is primarily a 
"meat eater".  He has a real aversion to most things that 
come from the ground.  Don't even get him started on 
tomatoes.  Haha.  They are apparently the worst.

I have to brag on Jonathan a bit.
We are so proud of this young man.
He has the biggest heart of anyone I know.
One wouldn't always know it because of his 
intimidating size
and the bit of a shell he puts up to protect that 
tender heart.
I'll just say that anyone who earns his love and respect
has earned a very good thing.
He is a very good guy.
We are so blessed to call him our son.

Let's see .....what else has happened since
I wrote last.
Well, we had our traditional 
Good Friday Service last evening.
We were a small group but it was still special.  
Remembering what was involved in the 
ultimate sacrifice for those who believe.
Pastor Mike had the young men read the scripture
passages and we all sang songs that fit
the theme.
Great songs!

Chelsea made pretty Easter cookies to 
take to work and share.
She and I shared a moment of amusement 
when we found Warren innocently eating one.

Kind of like the kid  caught with his hand in the cookie
jar but since he had no idea they had a purpose 
and Chelsea bakes all of the time for the fun of it
he had absolutely no
guilt at all.
Chelsea and I simply burst into gales of laughter and he 
had no idea why.
Don't you just love those moments with family? is good!

I got to spend time with a friend at a local 
cafe on Wednesday.
It was unexpected and it was great!
Phyllis....Thanks for sharing your time with me.
Let's meet up again soon.

I worked in the candle kitchen.
Surprise, surprise.
Things are a bit slow right now so I got
to create this cutie.

It has a "sister" that I want to get made up soon.

I also started a baby shower favor order
and completed a child's blessing order.

Finally, I got to use some of these adorable pottery
cups.  My friend, Deanna, and I were out shopping a long 
time ago and I found these.  I thought for sure they would 
fly out the door.  
Not so much!
But finally the right people saw them and fell in love.
30 baby shower favors are on their way out of here next week.

Tea lights in process.

It's a BOY.
I snapped a quick pic to send the shower planners so they 
could choose white or blue ribbons.
They chose blue.

Fun! Fun!

This week I'll be making up my April candles to 
get out to the Retail locations.
I'm thinking maybe Daffodil and Chocolate Hazelnut Cappuccino.
What do you think?
Is it too late in the season for the Cappuccino?

Tomorrow is our annual Sunrise Service and Easter Breakfast.
I can't wait.
It will be chilly at the pond, 
but we won't be there long and it is tradition.
So special.
I was watching a Walton's Easter special this week
and noticed that their sunrise service was by a pond and 
it looked just like ours.
Very cool!

Well, today will be quite busy as we prepare 
for tomorrow and take Jonathan to the Chiropractor again.
His back does not seem to be improving.
Herniated Discs are NOT fun.
Please pray that we would have the wisdom to 
know when to look at surgery.
He really needs relief!!

Happy Easter, My Friends.

Our Savior IS risen.
He lives!


Carol Z said...

Never too late for cappuccino!Adding my prayers for Jonathan's back and wishing you all a bright and blessed Easter.

Susy said...

Easter Blessings to you and your family Becky. And I wanted to encourage you ~ the first time I ever prayed with anyone for a healing (forty years ago), it was for a big man with a herniated disc, and it was instantaneous. Nothing is impossible!

xo Susy D.

Elena said...

Happy Easter Becky to you and your wonderful family. It is always a joy to hear how you are all doing!

Theresa said...

Looks like a wonderful birthday dinner! Have a blessed week dear friend, BIG HUGS!