Monday, March 11, 2013

Delightful Weekend!

I don't even know how to begin telling you how good
God has been to me this past week.

You see, 
the last few months have been so difficult
in many ways.
I think they might get harder before they get 
better....but I have faith that they will indeed get better.
I am praying hard that God is going to open 
doors and restore a relationship that has floundered.
I love my friend and miss her so much!

In the meantime I have prayed that
 God would lead me 
to new friendships.
And He has!
Perhaps that was His plan all along.
To kick me out of my rut and help me to 
get to know and receive the benefit of new 
and renewed friendships.

In the past week I have been blessed to meet with 
four, count them FOUR precious 
friends, well SIX if you count the moms.
And I do.

We have laughed together, prayed together, 
counseled each other and 
precious time spent.

On Friday, the third such meeting was my dear friend
Angel.  She, her husband and their oldest daughter drove 
two hours to join us at the premiere of Noah.
This is Sight and Sound's current show.
It has been updated since the days it last played
in Lancaster and is truly amazing.
It was good before....
but the changes have only made it better.

Angel, Sean and Lily stayed over and we got to 
go into Lancaster city 
to Central Market 
and Fab Fashion.
Then they had to head back to their youngest daughter
who was in her Grandmother's kind hands.
You might remember Angel as the one 
who headed up that amazing craft show
in Chambersburg last year.
She's an amazing lady and I'm so 
honored to have her friendship.

On Sunday afternoon, 
after a rushed picnic 
on the deck,
I got to hang out with Chelsea, Mindy
and my friend Kelly as we went to Barnes and Noble
just for fun....
and then across the way to a frozen yogurt cafe
owned by Kelly's friend, Carol.
It is always such a delight to see local people
treating people right and earning a living in the process.

Last evening our mothers took us to see The Irish Tenors.
This was a result of the ticket incident at Christmas.
Both Moms got two tickets to this concert for each other.
You should have heard the laughter that was generated 
upon that discovery.
Since the theater would not refund or exchange the 
tickets Warren and I got an early Anniversary present.

Today is our 24th wedding anniversary.
It is also my Mother's Birthday!
Easy to remember!

I did tell the Moms after the show that
since we truly enjoyed it we would be willing to 
pay for the tickets.
The implication was that there was no 
way I would have offered if the show was horrid.
There was an evil twinkle in my eye
as I said that - for sure.
Oh but we truly enjoyed the live orchestra
and the amazing voices of those three
Irish gentlemen.

Our evening out finished up with half price 
appetizers at Applebees.
Fun and YUM.
Thanks Georgia!

Our evening was not yet complete, however.
Upon returning home we found that our 
head count had increased by three.
Michael, Johnny and Chris would spend the night.
AND they were starving.

So...out came the frozen pizzas 
and this happy Mom fed "the boys".
It has been very quiet around here since
the guys schedules haven't meshed and 
Chris was in Thailand and then Malaysia with 
I think we are about to see our house come
back to life.

All is either good, or will be good
here at Hospitality Lane.

We are truly blessed.

Prayers appreciated today as I head to the cardiologist.
With our anniversary and heart doctor all 
in one day I have declared this....
 "the day 
of the heart".

Hope YOUR day is great!


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

What a wonderful weekend! Happy Annniversary, and prayers as you visit the doctor.

SmilingSally said...

I hope that your days go better this week, Becky.

Vee said...

Goodness, you're packing the calendar pretty tight. You sound as if everything is going along gets tough when a fond relationship hits a snag. I certainly have said a prayer about your visit with the doctor. Praying for a good report!

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Warren. Please also pass on our birthday greetings to Ruth. Sounds like a fun celebration for all of you.

Becky, I so admire the effort you make to stay in touch with people. It is something I let slide way too much. I regret it, but that seems to be my default mode. I hope your friendship is soon thriving once again.

Praying for your dr. visit, too, even though you've already had it.

Love you friend!

Linda Gross said...

You had a friend-full weekend. Your weekend sounded lovely.

Happy anniversary to you and Warren!

I hope all goes well at your doctor's visit.