Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bully Winter and a Sinless Cat

Last Winter didn't hang around that long.
This Winter is reluctant to let go.

We don't have this much snow this time....but I'm using it anyway.  Taken April 1, 2011?

Last evening Chelsea, Warren and I were coming
home as snow, sleet and rain were falling.
All at the same time.

We were in separate cars 
since Chelsea and I had been up to Lancaster 
for a dentist appointment and then stayed to 
meet up with Warren when he was done with work
for a soup and salad dinner.

Warren was a few minutes ahead of us on a 
twisty curvy road that goes higher in elevation
than most around here.

Chelsea and I had discussed briefly which 
way we would take home.
Usually if the weather is questionable I avoid
 this road but we were anxious to get home
and this is the quickest route.

The roads on Route 30 were just wet.
I knew that this was risky.
But did it anyway.

We were barely out of Strasburg when 
we met a car that flashed its lights at us.
Just then the texture of the road changed.
Of course this is where the curves and the hills began as well.

Pretty soon we saw a van parked on a bridge
with a man standing in warning....
My heart began to race.
My window went down and he said that there 
was an accident just around the next curve.
I asked him if it was a small blue car.
Thankfully, for us, he said no.

We rounded the curve and found a large
jeep on its side.
A police cruiser was already there and the 
two occupants of the jeep were standing there 
looking quite uncomfortable.
I was so glad they were able to stand.

Chelsea and I continued gingerly on this road
praying our way up the hills and reducing gear
to come down the hills.

Home looked really good when we got here.
My heart was happy to find that little blue car
all tucked in the garage.
Safe and Sound.

To me this will be the winter of the nuisance 
weather.  No big snows for us.
Just lots of ice and slush.

Now, to completely change the subject 
are you curious about the sinless cat?
Well, that's a bit misleading.
It was a humorous thing my brain did this morning
at 5:35am.
From a very deep sleep I heard 
our Oliver meowing
to go out.

Then, within moments, 
he began banging the metal blinds at the door 
in our room.

I was ticked.
Not only was he requesting to go outside 
but he was making absolutely impossible to 
ignore him, which was what I would 
have gladly done given the depth of my sleep
and the warmth of my bed.

I got up and stumbled over to the door.
Opening it I was struck by the white snow on the deck.
I have no idea why but this is what flashed though my head,
"Go, and sin no more!"

I came back to my bed to attempt to 
sleep a bit longer but chuckling 
about the silliness of my brain even from 
a dead sleep.

Not two minutes later
Warren's alarm went off.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Kay fishtailed into some mailboxes yesterday on White Oak Road. No damage to the car and the home owner was gracious.

I am ready for Spring! Tired of the gloom....

Glad you all made it home safely last evening!


Vee said...

Oh that sounds like a treacherous ride home...which is why one never catches me out in this crud. I missed every Sunday of church in February as a result of my wimpiness.

We are supposed to get between one and two feet of snow in this current mess we're getting. Pets do seem to have as good a sense of time as any person. Either that or they can read clocks.

Karen said...

You have scary roads in good weather! Glad you all made it home safely! I'm so glad the man was able to let you know right away that it wasn't Warren's car in the accident. Scary!

I sympathize with the cat waking you up-Belle used to do that to us sometimes in the middle of the night, apparently just because he wanted company-or when he was mad at us. "Go and sin no more" had me cracking up.