Friday, March 8, 2013

Mixed Arts

I am not the only one using our kitchen for creative purposes.
Normally, the clay figures that Jonathan sculpts
and paints turn out amazing.

the one I am about to show you will 
be fine too.

However every time I walk past the 
stove to get to the microwave this sight greets me.

A little bit unsettling 
if you ask me.

Amusing, though.

We are a crazy creative bunch around here.

Chelsea's artwork is found on the fridge,
in her jeans pockets when I do the wash
all over her room.

But, in the meanwhile I've got 
candles to make and I'm no longer able to work around the headless dude.

So....he's moving.

Wish him well.


Terra said...

Oh, we hardly knew ye, soldier man.

Vee said...

: D Your house sounds like a fascinating place.

Diane said...

Hehehe... poor little headless dude!

Praying for his healing ;-)

Theresa said...

I certainly DO wish him well:) Have a blessed weekend, HUGS!