Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Introducing the Soap!

After months of testing we have developed 
the perfect blends.

When I say "we"
I mostly mean our friend, John.
He is a great soap maker.
When I found out that he and his wife, Bonnie, 
had been making their own soap for a while
I asked if they would consider working with 
my fragrances.
Thankfully, they agreed.

Bonnie has let me know that it is pretty much 
John's thing. 
She's supportive but busy home educating, 
cooking, cleaning and keeping a very busy 
household running day to day.
So John is the master soap maker.

One thing I have come to learn about soap.
It takes TIME!
All of the soaps we are offering are at about 
eight weeks of cure time.
This seems to be a good age so that 
the soap has dried through and won't 
melt away too quickly.
Of course, it is natural and you must keep it 
dry between uses if you want it to last.
And you do!

So, our minimum cure time has been established as
eight weeks.  
Longer than that hurts nothing.

Above you have seen the French Lavender.
I present it as a more modern scent.
Kind of spa-like.
The vanilla in the French Lavender oils
turn the soap this rich brown color.

Below are the Citrus Infusion Bars.
This is my personal fragrance blend.
When the supplier discontinued
the citrus infusion I had been using I was forced
to develop my own.
It has been WAY more popular than the original.
I'm pleased.

The blend is Tangerine, Mango and Fresh Squeezed Orange.

Friends at church are buying this from John 
in bulk.

The soap lathers beautifully!
Is scented just right.
You can notice it but it isn't overwhelming.

I also have some oatmeal unscented and 
plain unscented to list.
Just haven't gotten there yet.

I would be curious to know if you have tried
hand crafted soap.
If so, what are your favorite features of it?
Skin Softening?
These all have Palm, Coconut and Olive oil in them.
Great moisturizing benefits.

I included a couple of comments from the testers
If you are interested pop on over and see what 
they had to say.

Thanks for looking!!


Mrs.Rabe said...

We are carrying this soap in our store as well!

As a user of this soap I will testify that it is wonderful! Nothing like handmilled soap.

Having it be a natural product is a definite bonus!


Vee said...

I always have a beautiful bar of soap in my bathroom in addition to liquid soap in a dispenser. I would love to purchase some...thinking about what flavor to go with... Oh, and should you ever make a kitchen soap, we adore coffee grounds soap. ☺ Wishing you every success with this!

Karen said...

It might seem funny, but Clarence is the one who buys handmade soap around here. I like it but don't really think about it, ya know?

Anyhow, he bought some "gardener's soap" a couple years ago at a flea mkt. in FL and now it's on his list of things to pick up when we visit there. (We didn't make it there this time, so if you have something similar, please let me know. I should ask him what was in it because I don't remember but her really loved it.)

Your citrus infusion sounds fantastic!

Theresa said...

They look beautiful and I have not tried them before! I am heading over to take a peek! Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

Elena said...

Your soap looks and sounds wonderful!