Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thinking on Saturday...

This morning finds us gearing up for
an extremely busy day.

My very dear friend, Shelley
is visiting for the weekend.

We are so glad to have her
join us this weekend.

What am I thinking about today?

1. I am so thankful for a day out with
the family yesterday to Winterthur. It
was so much fun.

Chelsea took this photo.
I took enough pictures
to make several blog posts. Unfortunately,
we weren't allowed to take pictures in the
Art Gallery featuring Portraits of Early
America from The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

2. I keep wanting to tell you my feelings on
the Professor Gates vs. Police incident this week
but it would require writing a book to cover all
of the points.
Suffice it to say I think the whole
thing was blown out of proportion.
A very tired man came home from a
long trip, A concerned neighbor observes
what appears like a break-in,
Police who did their job.

When you look at all of the facts
it is totally understandable how
it got to this point however...
All of these do not add up to a
week's worth of racial divide.

Not in my mind, anyway.

I so wish black and white alike
would lay their attitudes aside
and celebrate being those created,
by God, in HIS image.

3. I am thinking how very tired my
Mikey is. This is week four of his
marathon summer of working six days
a week. He is learning so much at
Longwood and has received a
lot of positive feedback. I am so
thankful for all of this opportunity
for him to learn and to grow.
I hope his body stays strong.

4. I am thankful that my brother
was kept safe this week at Yellowstone
when he accidentally surprised a
buffalo/bison?. The day before a man was
gored by one of these huge animals.
So, I am filled with much gratefulness
that Allan was able to get out of
this dangerous situation...intact!

May God richly bless you today.

Your Friend,


SmilingSally said...

Enjoy your time with your friend on this beautiful day.

Vee said...

Have a lovely weekend. (Your comments were very restrained. :D )

Journey said...

Your comments about Professor Gates v. Police were right on point! Well put!!

Have a wonderful weekend with your friend!!

Ronda said...

Mornin Becky,

I do so hope your visit with your friend is/was a good one.

Hey...listen.....could you get a job doing the news????? 'Cause you should be anchoring and giving the nightly news broadcast. That was short, to the point, accurate, and was not filled with exadgerating, high rate inducing, fabracations, drama, lies, etc...etc...etc.


Love & Prayers,