Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Going Postal....

It was a very full weekend.
Full of friends and family.

Full of cake.

Chelsea had two birthday cakes!

What are we to do?
The girl loves cake...
and attention.

But the boys were the ones to make
us laugh this weekend.
What a blessing after Mikey's driving
test disappointment.

The idea of him laughing and having fun
seemed quite far away on Friday evening.

However, Saturday Warren replaced his Mom's
mailbox with a nice plastic new one.
The old one was metal and rusty with
a falling off door.
It definitely needed
to be replaced.

Anyway, I looked outside and saw Mikey
in his protective gear.

For good reason.
He and Jonathan were about
to play ball with the old rusty mailbox.

I think most sane mothers would have just
said this was a bad idea.
But, I couldn't
see the harm in it.
Why not grab the camera
and join in the fun?

Jonathan pitched...Mikey was at bat.

Jonathan was so cautious at first
that he didn't get it all of the
way to Mikey.

But he got over that.

Finally there was the unmistakable crash of
metal into bat. Ahhh...they were happy.

You know my theory on boys
and exercise...they NEED it!

It's not every day they can
legally smash a mailbox though.
Trust me, had there been any possible
use left for this one I would have
Freecycled it...but it was soooo bad.

So good clean fun was had.

Grandma Georgia left her weeding
and came to see what all of
the ruckus was about.

She got a real kick out of the demo
of this mailbox that has given her
such frustration for so long.
She couldn't even pretend to be mad
for the fun of scaring the boys.

To strike the final blows,
the axe came out.

It didn't
matter that it was the dull
end of the axe that was used.
Finally the mailbox was compressed
for its final disposal.

Only the door remains.

The mail lady is going to enjoy
this mail box so much more.

The "barn" on the right is
our box. Warren recently had
to eradicate a nest of ants who
thought it was a great place to live.

How icky it was to bring in the mail
and smoosh the ants as we did.

Who knew a post on mailboxes could
grow so long.
Well, it is not likely to be a subject
any time again soon.

Do you have any good mailbox stories?

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Bee said...

The only thing that could make it more exciting would have been to have red, blue, and green fireworks shooting off from inside the mailbox as it was being smashed. Why that comes to mind is a mystery....but I can almost see it. Why it didn't enter the boys' minds is the bigger mystery.

Becky K. said...

I think that would be because they were so cheap that they waited until the 5th to buy the fireworks...buy one, get one free! lol
Silly boys.

Mrs. Rabe said...

Fun Stuff!

The ants thing is icky, though. I would not have liked that! Never thought before about all the yuck mail deliverers have to deal with.

btw - I did see Mikey smile Saturday night as well WITH fireworks! :)

Smilingsal said...

Tee Hee I thought you were going to say that Grandma was running around the bases. LOL

Becky K. said...

I think she was too busy enjoying the fact that her nemesis was being destroyed to run. There was a real spring in her step though...

Mrs. Rabe,
Mikey did enjoy the time at your house. I was worried he was making Grandpa Bob upset. That many teen boys "helping" would have gotten on my nerves...

Karen said...

What a hoot! The boys were simply compacting the trash, right? And having lots of fun doing you a service.

We have ants, too. Our mail carrier left us a little note a week or two ago about it (like we hadn't noticed?). We dutifully bought ant killer but I don't think anyone has remembered to go down and spray some in the box. That better go on today's list.

My only mailbox story is a sad one. My sil, Kathy, hand painted one for me. It was beautiful and I didn't put it out for a long time, fearful it would get smashed. I finally decided it was doing no good sitting in the basement and we put it out. Within weeks, it was stolen and the post broken off in order to steal it. Now we have an ugly black plastic one. :-(

~~Deby said...

Boyz will be boys....
oh this is so funny...so much *guyness*....
mail box story..ahhh...welllll my husband would not be happy with me if I repeated his escapades as a teenager...
as the mom of 2 boys..and nana of 6..soon to be 7 grandsons..I sure got a kick out of this post..

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Well, that is one way to get rid of an old mailbox and have fun to boot!!

Fun post, Becky!!


Persuaded said...

What a hoot! I never would have "gotten" this post before I had my boy.. but I sure get it now! Boys just love destroying stuff, don't they?

Vee said...

Ah yes, well boys will be boys! Glad that you all had some fun. But did you know that you could've made the cutest bird house out of that old mailbox? Ha!