Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Pretty Things...Like Flowers from Paper and More.....

My apologies if you are "over" the shop stuff.
It's just all I'm doing these days....
other than teaching music and leading worship...
and making candles.

But, it is definitely the most photogenic thing
I'm up to at the moment.

We have five ladies who are making crocheted and knitted items for us
at the moment.  Another will bring her amazing fingerless gloves, hats and scarves
in the Autumn.
Can you see the butterfly on the hat at the top?
That's the work of a lady named Corrie.

With a grandson on the way, I keep my eye on the goodies as they come.
There are some adorable baby bow ties in the shop now.
Pretty sure Baby Pham will be sporting one of those
in the Fall.

This is a view of the shop I haven't shown yet.
From the middle right looking back to the left corner.
The babies breath hanging from driftwood is one of my favorite
things in the shop.
When we knew the driftwood was staying I decided that it 
would be just the perfect whimsy to hang it there.
Emily went with me to pick it up and then came back
and helped us make the bunches and hang them.
She spent a long time on the ladder that day!
Love that girl!!
So happy that Mikey married her!!

Remember my friend, Susanna?
Katie's mom.
She's making lotion bars for us.
Aren't they stunning???
In four all natural scents so far.
Vanilla, Lavender, Sweet Orange and Mint.

Chelsea is now making bath bombs.
She has discovered that it is FUN!
For now she started with Lemon and Coconut scented ones.
If they are well received more will follow
in additional fragrances.

The Petals From Paper!!
Sheila, a friend from my many years on Etsy makes these.
She learned to do it for her daughter's wedding and 
was willing to make more to share with us.
The detail is incredible.
It takes a lot of time to cut every petal, 
shape them and then glue them one by one to make each flower.
And yet her prices are comparable to purchasing a live
bouquet for delivery which fades so quickly.

Peony, anyone?
So pretty!

A cute girl set!
Comes with this dress, hat and little shoes.
Such a nice keepsake and family heirloom set.

A girl we know as one of our soap makers,  named Bethany, is also 
producing hand screen printed Onesies in two baby sizes.
They are soooo sweet!!

Sneaking in another flower!!
Gotta love them.

We do have real flowers too.
Mini roses are blooming....

I truly love Cheryl McNulty's take on Amish children.
The expressions and details are very, very good.

This one reminds me of one of our young friends.

Some advice to the wise....

This is a beautiful piece that could be so many things.
A small round table cover, a throw for the couch, a blanket for baby, 
or even a shawl.  
It is made from vintage looking yarn.
So, while it appears to have been around for a while is actually
quite new.

I admit to being easily amused but this week something happened that
really tickled my funny bone.
You see we had already been visited by a gentleman who was offering an 
advertising package which after some thought we decided to pursue
and we had called to tell him so.
He said that he would be in shortly to begin taking photos
and so I thought very little of it when he arrived as we had customers in the 
shop (friends) and he began snapping away with no more than 
a wave and a nod at each other.

After a while it seemed awkward to not say anything and so I blurted out, 
"Yeah, random men just pop into the shop 
and start taking photos all of the time!
Nearly EVERY day!".
We all got a giggle out of it, I introduced him
 and he promised not to take photos of the 
customers faces.
All was well.
It was just one of those amusing situations of which I'm sure 
we will have many.

Dear hubby shared his cold with me this week so I'm probably not going
to be at the shop much tomorrow.
However, Chelsea is planning to be there all day and it will be great.
And maybe tomorrow I'll be all over it.....
It could happen.


Harold Emery said...

Very impressive, my friend. Hugs, Marydonn <3

Sherry said...

i'm so happy for your shop's success and how it blesses folks that enter its doors. ♥

Doris said...

Can't wait to come and shop....but I will wait till I'm all well again. It's been long in coming. Hope your cold is quick to leave!

Vee said...

Your shop looks so charming! Is it like the baby that you can't wait to see first thing in the morning? So many fun and pretty things...love the second mouse concept. Ha! Feel better...

Linda Gross said...

You have a great setup!