Thursday, March 2, 2017

Favorite Pics From my Phone

The lighting wasn't great but the opportunity wasn't going to be there if I 
had gotten up to turn on more lights.
Molly and her best friend toy. 
She loves to make this giraffe squeak. 
I just love how much alike they look.

And now for some random photos from the shop 
over the past two weeks.

We have fallen in love with the Rain line of jewelry!
We hope our customers love it big bunches so we can keep ordering it!!

 These alpaca dryer balls and socks have been soooo popular!!
Today a customer returned to get two dryer balls because her neighbor has been bragging 
on the ones she purchased.

 I am having a blast planting container gardens.

 The air plants have been so much fun!
This mother to be is using them as her primary decor in the nursery.
She loves that the plants will also filter the air for baby.

While this beautiful shawl and pin have been sold there are 
more from my friend, Kristine, that are so beautiful!
We are so thrilled to have this level of talent sharing with us.

Cloche made from vintage one gallon jug found in a 1700's 
spring house by one of our artisans.
Getting the jugs clean was a real challenge.
The clear ones didn't come completely clean on the bottom
so Barb and her husband decided to take the bottom off and 
turn them into decor.
Our customers love the creativity AND that they can change with the seasons.

 Our soap display early on.
Now there are some noticeable gaps as we await re-stocking
on the citrus soap on the right.

Creative terrarium with air plant created by our Emily.
She came and hung out with me one afternoon 
creating beautiful things.

Polymer Pendant by Sharon Bath.
Love the detailing!!

The lavender bunches have been very well received.
They make the shop smell divine.
I also have a vanilla melter going most of the time
for a vanilla lavender mix.

Cindy Schlosser is an incredible artist who 
is consigning various painted items.
I am partial to this one.
Polka dots and chickens....who could want more?
But if you are into something a bit more subtle
we have that too.
The sunflowers...or quilts ....are so pretty.

I didn't take the following photo.
Bethany, who screen printed the onesies did.
We love that each lamb came out just a bit differently.

Working with so many talented people is great.

I haven't been able to include everyone in this post.
So...I guess I'll just have to write another post soon. 

Can't wait to show you the cuteness for babies
as well as the crepe paper flower arrangements that are 
supposed to arrive


Terra Hangen said...

You have gathered so many goodies; that shawl is fabulous, I can see why it sold quickly.

Vee said...

Oh my eye went straight to the beautiful blue shawl...that is stunning. You have a nice variety of interesting merchandise!