Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Last Post Title was Sick Day

Sadly, I could post the same again today...although this time I am on the mend from a tummy bug. Good grief!  You can tell I haven't been out in the general public much in the last few years.  Hoping I'm done with catching whatever people are carrying around with them for a while.  Of course, Warren finds it amusing to remind me that he didn't get the flu shot and I did.  Cute guy!!

However, before the plague hit I was rushing to make these new and adorable favors for a little boy.

The customer showed me this picture....

...and asked if I could make that elephant blue.
And so I did.

But you know, that elephant looks feminine even in blue.
She has long lashes and a girl face.

I even tried putting a top hat where the flower is but 
that looked ridiculous!

So, I reworked the entire thing.
The tricky part was that these are needed for a shower this Saturday
and while I sent photos for approval I had to just take a chance
and send them when I hadn't heard back.
With the winter storm headed our way there wasn't time
to wait to hear back.

I was soooo relieved when I finally got a response to my request for approval 
and she loves them!!

By the way, I had not procrastinated...
this was a last minute rush order.

It is so much fun to create cuteness.
I just always remember that what I find adorable
others may not.


Theresa said...

I pray that you feel better this morning and even better each day! People do give their sickness to others! Sunday at Church, I left right at the end of the service before any hugging and hand shaking! I don't want to be sick, no time for that:) LOVE that sweet little elephant, SO CUTE! Prayers coming your way this morning!

Doris said...

The elephant is adorable! Hope you feel better today.....I'm all better except my energy level is still not what I would desire.
Praying your day is all you desire.

Terra Hangen said...

I like your blue elephant and hope you are well today.

Vee said...

Sick again? about a diffuser using some Purification essential oil? So many germs out there. I harp on echinacea so you are used to hearing it from me. 😏 Cute little elephant...Glad that your customer liked it.