Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Life Begins Again....And Some Pretty Vacation Photos

We spent a few days in the mountains.
It was great timing....just to sit and relax.
To not have a schedule to attempt to maintain.

Mountain breakfasts are so special....

Gluten Free pancakes with peaches and bacon!

There were just five of us this year.
Mom, Georgia, Jonathan, Warren and Myself.
That had it's ups and downs.
Less bodies to share the one restroom but also less
people to divide up and do different activities.

However, we still had a wonderful time.
We ate....the Moms and Warren went to Benezette to visit the Elk.
Warren took this photo.
Pretty something, isn't it?

This was right before game time happened.
So relaxed....
and then we played Dirty Marbles and Jonathan
WOKE up!!
He had more fun sending our marbles back to 
their home base and making the game go on....
and on.
Finally Georgia got her very last Marble to safety.

 We took Bandit's crate along.
She looks funny in this photo but in reality she loved taking
naps in here during the day.
Security and her pillow
made that her place to retreat to.

It took me a couple of days to get down by the stream this time.
When we first arrived it was HOT and humid.
We didn't feel much like moving.
But then the air dried out and the temps dropped.
It was perfect!!

 The stream is super low right now.
I think most of the State of Pennsylvania has had lower
than usual precipitation this Summer....
but we haven't noticed it so much in Lancaster County
so it really stood out up there.

So delicate.
I just love these....

Goldenrod was everywhere.
So pretty and bright.

Blue, blue skies and apple trees. 
Great for us.
Great for the deer and bears that eat the apples.

This guy showed up the first night.
He was back other nights but only when it was dark 
and we couldn't see him.
He left evidence.
A turned over burn barrel and "piles". 

Finally it was cool enough to start a campfire.
Warren is good at this.
He spends time in the woods beside the cabin finding 
fallen branches and small dead trees.

Molly truly enjoyed being in the mountains.
She delighted in being outside so much.

She is such a "poser".  
Love her!!

I worked so hard to get Bandit to pose for me.
Could have been the heat on her back since she 
was fairly close to the fire here.
But we laughed so hard as she refused to put her ears UP.
Finally...after much coaxing and putting her back in position 
I caught her looking as if she had just been sitting here so cute.
Just a taste of what real photographers much feel when they 
get a subject to cooperate.

When Bear, Mom's dog, was done with his bone
Bandit claimed it.
She had such a wonderful time getting her nose down inside for the 
good marrow that Bear couldn't reach.

We didn't do a lot this trip.
(I read a BUNCH)
However, we did rest up to prepare for the busy schedule ready to 
resume here.
I've already taught three music lessons this morning.
Love my students!!
Current student count:
one on piano and three voice students.
Tomorrow Co-op begins and I will teach two classes.
Can't wait!!
The students will learn music theory as we work through
Early Western American History and songs and stories of that time period.
I think it will be fun.

Now to get back to the business of making candles.
There is a big fundraiser kick off on Monday evening and I'll need
many more than I have made right now.
Plus, the shops are ready for replenishing.
So...I'll chat later.
Blessings on your day!!


Vee said...

Such a peaceful place and it is pleasant to follow gentle pursuits except that marble game sounds like our marble game called "Aggravation." It sure can get aggravating. Glad that you had the time away to refresh and gear up for a busy candle season.

Karen said...

Such fond memories as I look at your pictures! Makes me miss you guys a lot! Did they remodel the cabin? I don't remember that vent and the grill being where I see them in the picture.

Glad you had a relaxing time. It's nice to get recharged and Potter Co. is a beautiful place to do it.

PS-the dogs are both adorable, whether Bandit cooperates or not.

Sherry said...

campfire and happy hearts..
is there really anything better?
i think not. ;)