Monday, May 2, 2016

Here Comes the Bride!

 Let's start with cake.
We've been discussing the baking of these cakes for weeks.
And here they are.

An hour before the ceremony I was cutting a hole in a sandwich baggy
 from which to squeeze icing because 
I couldn't find the other bags I thought I brought. 
We did find them later in a cooler left behind.

So, for the need to fall back and punt I was pretty pleased with the 
overall success.

The little figurine was a project Chelsea and Chadd did on one of their dates
to the pottery.
They wanted it to be a cake topper and then they changed from the "naked cake" idea
to a cake table idea and so we just placed it on the table.
It is still simply adorable.

Flowers, flowers, flowers!
So many wonderful flowers.

Susan from Divine Florals did an amazing job
at getting every flower to it's peak just in time for the ceremony.
Our friend, Deanna, went over and helped assemble the centerpieces.
There were 12 of those and many, many more smaller bunches.


We alternated small flower arrangements and mini candles 
on the head tables.

Here you can see them with the picnic boxes.
Chelsea wanted an elegant picnic theme for her wedding.
Chadd agreed.

More and more flowers in the ceremony area.
Flowers and burlap.
Burlap and Lace.

These "girls" girls.
In the "green room" where they spent the day.
Our facility was out of this world for convenience, attentive employees 
and creature comforts.
Hair and makeup apparently takes a lot of time for six young ladies
and one young flower girl.

So expressive...both Emily and J.

Speaking of J.  She was so adorable walking down the aisle with 
Emily and throwing rose petals to the right. 
Only to the right.
There was a baby in a carrier who ended up with rose petals 
on him and in his seat.
But she ended up using every last petal just as she reached the front.
I was so amused.  Also very proud of this sweet girl.

The only moment in the day that I nearly lost it.
Tears came and an ugly cry was a very real possibility
but thankfully the ceremony was very interesting and I was able to 
be distracted.

I may be biased but I see a very pretty bride here.
And then there is that handsome dude in the blue shirt and white
tie that he was instructed to wear.
He got all of his words just right!!

Pastor Mike did a fantastic job!
He has been in Chelsea's life since she was four years old.
In fact before he was a married man he used to accompany us on 
annual vacations to the mountains.
He knows Chelsea very well and personalized the message so well.

Saying their vows....
And then the Unity Cross.

This was a unique part of the ceremony.
Together Chadd and Chelsea built this cross while Pastor Mike
shared the story to go with it.
The cross was a gift from Chelsea's Aunt and Uncle.
So special!

They exchanged rings.

And next thing we knew they were pronounced married!
There they go....

A while later I caught up with them and found them simply joyous!

I will end this post for now.
I'm about to nod off.
Hoping to share more soon.

Thanks for your patience with me.
Deanna has also posted about the wedding at Creekside Cottage.  

I will leave you with a photo of the fun wedding party.
They were in between photos with the official photographer.


Sherry said...

every bit .. beautiful

Deanna Rabe said...

I loved that unity cross! Did Alan make it? It is such a neat idea and something to keep in their home forever!

You did good Mama! The wedding was beautiful, and so Chelsea! Win!

Becky K. said...

Deanna, Chelsea and Chadd had asked Allan to make the cross but when he researched it he found that it was trademarked. That was when He and Bev offered to purchase it for them. Such a blessing. It was that special part of the ceremony they hoped it would be.

Vee said...

Chelsea is a beautiful bride! So glad that everything went smoothly and that it was a happy day for all. No sun needed. The flowers so pretty, the theme so unique. Many blessings to the joyful couple!

Doris said...

So much beauty on that rainy and cool day. Proof that beauty can be found in circumstances less favorable :)

JD/ Jill said...

The wedding looks beautiful! So happy for Chelsea and Chadd. I still remember the day back when we met your lovely daughter (along with you of course,) at Longwood Gardens...boy did that time fly.

Theresa said...

I am catching up after being away on vacation! Such a beautiful wedding:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!