Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Some Candle Photos

It has been a while since I have shared much about candles, other than as they related to the wedding.  However, I have still been quite busy with both retail and custom orders.  These are a sampling of the candles I have made recently.

The same candles but with the photo taken out of doors.  
It does make a difference.

I can't say one looks more like the real thing....
they just look different in natural light and artificial light.

Next up....
Love, Hope and Joy!

A customer in California contacted me late one evening and we spent a little 
while creating these together. 
It was soooo much fun!
She asked for, and received, a dozen to use all around her home.
It is her favorite fragrance, Grandma's Kitchen.

By purchasing that quantity she saved
30% from the individual candle pricing.


Another customer, this time from Texas, reached out to see if I would make
white candles in her favorite custom scent.
She and her family were moving into the home of their dreams 
and she could envision these candles with a photo of the home 
beautifully there.

Her custom fragrance is a blend of Country Bumpkin and Christmas Cabin.
It really works.
Who would have "thunk" it. 

Testing, testing.....

Initially the Havenshire candles were supposed to be in these Mason jars.
However, there is not a flat side for a label so my customer
asked me to switch jars.
No worries.  
I repackaged these for retail.
You can find some at The Painted Chair in Quarryville
and soon Back Home Again in Lititz.
I was planning to take some to Lititz today but am struggling 
with some vertigo this morning.
If it goes away I might make it up there this afternoon.
Otherwise it will be Thursday.

Three 12 ounce candles in shops....

So you can see that I've been having a great time in the 
candle workshop.

It is so good to have that place to go and work for hours 
at a time.


Vee said...

What's not to love? Pleasant aromas, lovely colors, and sweet graphics. You sure do have a creative flair for your business! Do you listen to music while you create?

Deanna Rabe said...

I love how these all turned out!