Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My Head Is Mostly Mine Again

The past two weeks were rough, rough, rough!  I strongly dislike having a head that feels like it has a mind of its own and is very rebellious in attitude!  And add to that the need for a million naps a day and you really have a recipe for an unhappy me.  I like to move, groove and do stuff.  We have so much stuff that needs our attention and yet it was all I could do to get up and started every day.  It started with extreme vertigo and is ending with mostly just weird pressure in my head and tiring easily still.

I think it was allergies.  To the extreme.  But it is possible that it was a virus.  Slightly possible.

Anyway....enough about that.  I'm counting on continuing to feel better with each and every day.


This morning I went to pick up candle supplies from my favorite local jar company....Fillmore Container.  Apparently they enjoyed the moms, who went there while I was sick to pick up an order for me.  They were quite impressed at how much fun the ladies were having running my errands.  Gotta love those moms.  They do just make fun wherever they go.


I got sad news on Saturday evening.  It turns out that a blogging friend's husband passed away Saturday morning.  This was not some distant husband who was rarely mentioned.  This man was the subject of many a post.  The blogging community who read this blog is going to be as sad as I am and I know that many are praying for this dear friend and that those prayers are much appreciated!

Mom and I went car shopping last week.
It wasn't a whim, exactly, since we had been thinking about it but we hadn't planned to go that day.  However, we do have a tendency to fly by the seat of our pants more than Warren would prefer.  It all worked out great though since we went back to a trusted sales person at the dealership where Georgia and Jonathan have both purchased vehicles now.  Mom chose this Toyota.

Isn't she adorable??
The tall guy is Andy.  If you are local and in the market for a car, new or used, 
you might want to ask me for his contact info.  
Full disclosure....there is a referral fee in it for me
AND he is a really great guy!  
I like his easy going style.

Our friend Nick graduated at church on Sunday afternoon.

It was a great service.  Nick's speech was fantastic...and made me weep a bit.
We've known Nick and his family for eight years and have watched him 
grow into a very special young man.
Many, many of his friends and family came which filled up our little sanctuary.

Memorial Day started out to be a quiet affair and grew into a bit of a party.  I thought it was going to be just Warren, Jonathan, Georgia and I.  Turned out it was us - plus Mikey and Emily, Chelsea and Chadd and friends Xavier and Karly.  My mom even showed up for a few minutes upon her return from a visit to my brother's house in Central PA before she headed out to a picnic with friends.  Made my heart very happy to see all of those faces in one place.  :-)  We grilled chicken, burgers and a few hot dogs.  I made pasta salad and baked beans.  Chelsea brought herbed potatoes and Georgia made veggie stirfry.  We finished the meal with strawberry pie (berries picked that morning) and ice cream!  Summertime!!

I have just returned from taking Chloe back to the vet for her first check up since we found out she is in heart failure.  She is showing some improvement on the medication and so I'm very happy we chose this path...  Minus all of the vet bills in our future.   It is good to see her perky little face each morning as she tries to get me to play with her.  Dr. Olsen says I can play gently with her.  So I will throw her toys with less gusto so she doesn't have to run so far to get them but that she can still feel the thrill of the hunt.  That Fox Terrier in her loves to hunt!  We are going to increase one of her medications and hope that it continues to help get the fluid out of her lungs.  As I was driving home from the vet with her I had to chuckle....kids grow up and go out on their own and the dogs start needing time and care.  What can I say?  It's just how it is....and as long as Chloe is happy and not in pain it is how it will be.  I am officially an old dog lady.  Read that last title however you like.  "Old dog" lady.  "Old dog lady".  :-)

This morning's other fun....besides running my errand to Fillmore Container....was starting a new voice student.  It is a young man who is just dripping with talent.  I was a bit concerned that he would be well beyond me but after chatting with him this morning I think we have found some areas to work in.  He is interested in being stretched out of his comfort zone.  Oooh....Exciting!  That makes for a fantastic teaching opportunity.  And I do LOVE to teach!  So color me happy once again with another voice student.

Our house guest, Jared, will be moving in this weekend.  He has accepted a position for the summer at the theater that this entire family works for...except me.   Since his permanent home is quite far away he needed a place to stay and as it happened we had a room available.  We are very excited to host this young man over the summer months.  It will be fun to get to know him better and maybe even do some fun trips around the area with him.  Last we spent much time with Jared he was quite young.  So we will have to get to know him all over again.  I'm pretty sure he will fit in very well here.


It is time to go figure out what to make for dinner.  There are options....but I'll just have to settle on something and make it.  Hmmm....I'm hungry. Jonathan is hungry.  Warren will be coming home any minute....hungry.  I'd better get moving on that.

Chat with you later!

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I enjoyed our "chat". I am glad you are feeling better.