Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Final Wedding Post

A look across the fields at the wedding tents.
The large one is obviously where we held the ceremony and reception
but the smaller one with the point was the appetizer tent.

I was so happy that the appetizers were so well received. 
I didn't get any photos of the spread but we set two nearly identical tables
with cheese, crackers, grapes, olives and spreads.
Everyone said how excellent the cheeses were.
I didn't get to try any of them so I'll have to take their word on it.
The selection was Gouda, Smoked Gouda, Sharp Cheddar, 
Onion Cheddar, Swiss and Port Wine.
On the drink table we served fruit cheese balls.
One was Blackberry and the other was Key Lime.
There were assorted cookies and sweet crackers available to use those on.
Drinks were water, raspberry tea and pink lemonade.

Now we will backtrack and catch some photos from the ceremony.
Chadd spoke his vows.

It occurred to me that during rehearsal there had been more room
for the guys and I wondered how they would manage a 
smaller space to squeeze into.
They did great!!


It was planned that the guys and girls would alternate as they left.
This caused some confusion for at least one older guest as they 
were accustomed to couples leaving together.
I had to smile.
But they managed to get themselves out in a very orderly way.

Kevin....getting married to Heidi in just two weeks!

Emily and Jocelyn.  They tag teamed all the way!

Xavier...who beat cancer and is fond of all of his friends mama's.

Emily.... who got stuck with the flower girl's basket.

Travis....Got married recently as well.

Heidi....getting married to Kevin in two weeks!

Joe....who is beating cancer!  Just finished Chemo!!

Kim,,,,this girl knows sports!!

Steve....who was probably silently studying for finals the entire time!

Megan.....Who sweetly encourages all around her!

What a wonderful group of young people who have supported Chelsea
and Chadd all through their dating time and engagement.
It was the encouragement of Kevin and Heidi that made me think
that Chadd was worthy of Chelsea.
They knew him best then.

Here are few more shots of the reception decor....

 These roses were purchased from Costco for the Rehearsal Dinner.
They were still so pretty that I decided they should be used on the 
gift table.

Every other table had this arrangement on it rather than the large 
basket centerpiece.

 Because of the table size and enormity of the tent we were able to set up 
in a very spacious arrangement.  Most tables held six people.

The candles were at half fragrance load
 in a mix of vanilla, caramel and coffee.
General rule of thumb....when lighting candles near food
they should be either food scented or unscented.

I didn't have enough time to make as many pillar candles as we wanted to 
use...I have exactly one pillar candle mold.  However I was able to 
pick some up and they complimented the rest of the decor very nicely.
Warren had to fuss with them to get them to stay lit but once he did that
it was all good. This was taken earlier in the day while the cakes were
still tightly wrapped for freshness.

Chelsea hand wrote each and every table tag as well as the name
tags which were on the flatware bundle.
That way our caterer, The Daily Grind, could put the right picnic box at the right places.
Choices were offered with the invitation.
It was good in that our guests knew in advance that this was 
going to be a bit unique.

Chelsea's vision was to have an elegant picnic.
And so, she did. 
So sweet!

 Here you can see the picnic boxes on the tables.
We provided labels with the sandwich choices for the boxes
in wedding colors.

Chelsea and her brothers are very close.
I was able to get she and Jonathan together for these sweet pics.

Soon she was back with her husband again.  
It means the world that they were able to have this wonderful day.

And then they came into the reception!
The DJ is a friend and his wife has been Chelsea and Chadd's direct
boss for a few years now.  We were so touched that they would 
be willing to dedicate so much time and talent to the wedding.

Before they went to their places at the Head Table they came to the 
floor in front and had their first dance.
I am very, very sure that Chelsea was relieved when this was done!

After we ate Chelsea went and changed into the dress she wore when 
they got engaged before they cut the cake.
It is such a cute dress and easier to move in so we thought it was 
a fun thing to do.
And there was the meaning that went with it.

I wasn't in a great place to get photos of the cake cutting.
But the photographers were and so we will get those later.
Mom did well....she was preparing to serve.

 Then came the speeches.
I missed a photo of Emily but she did such a fantastic job with hers.
It was tender and touching.
Then came the guys.
So funny!
Kevin pretended to be unprepared so Xavier
took over for a bit....then they passed it back and forth.
I won't try to recreate it.
Just trust wasn't a boring speech.

A friend, Kyle, sang a love song and then Chadd surprised Chelsea
with a song he wrote for her last week.
She was so touched!

After a bit more mingling and chatting with the guests 
these two were prayed over and sent on their way.

Grandma Ruth made people wonder what was up as she ran to their car
with something in her arms.
I asked her what in the world?
She replied that it was a fire log for the fireplace that will be 
in the place they are staying.

Leave it to Grandma Ruth to have the last gift.
And most appropriate.

That's all I've got.
And I got tired of editing so most of these are dark and uncropped.
Perhaps I will take care of that over time....
perhaps not.

Thanks for sharing this very fun and special time with us.


sammysgrammy said...

I'm so glad I got to "attend" the wedding. The pictures and commentary were awesome. I'm so happy Chelsea married a guy who is more her size than her brother. She looks like a midget next to him. She and Chadd look perfectly matched.

Linda Gross said...

The arrangements were beautiful. Chelsea was a beautiful bride, and Chadd was a handsome groom. I loved the commentary that you provided, as each groomsmen and bride attendant walked down the aisle.

Carol Z said...

What a beautiful and blessed day. Loved the cute picnic idea and would love to see a picture of the bride's parents.

Vee said...

A wonderful theme and no detail overlooked. A lot of planning for this most delightful wedding. I am so happy that you have shared so many photos. Loved the pics of "the kids." Where was the third?

Becky K. said...

Haha Vee,
The third one just wasn't at the right place at the right time to get in that photo. :-)
And then I got very, very busy hosting.

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful wedding! ALL of these pictures are wonderful! Perfect day for your Beautiful Daughter! The flowers, decorations and cakes! Gorgeous! Have a blessed day dear friend and thanks for sharing the pictures with us!