Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Making Memories with Chelsea

We have never had a daughter get married before.
And we are making up the rules as we go.
The dress has been ordered.
The makeup and veil were ordered just this evening.
Details such as cake and reception decor and food are all in process.

But we have always had much fun with this girl on vacations.
She LOVES them.
Travel is definitely in her blood.
And so we determined that there should be one more road trip
before the big day comes in May.
And while we were willing to bring other family members along
it just worked out to be the three of us.
Mom, Dad and Chelsea.

This was taken at Bushkill Falls where I walked part of the way
down to the falls with them and then the two of them crossed on over and 
came up and around the other side.
(Boy, oh boy, do I need a haircut!)
But anyway, you get the idea....

We are sharing thoughts about the future, 
ideas about the wedding
but mostly just enjoying the dynamic of parents and daughter
before we "give" her to Chadd.
We truly believe that they will form their own family and home.
While we will continue to have a wonderful relationship
it must be different.
This is celebration of the twenty years past and looking forward
to the many, many to come.

We have come to the Pocono Mountains.
Not too far from home...in case there is an urgent need to return.
But far enough that we've not explored this area yet and so are having
a very good time figuring it out.

Yesterday we explored East Stroudsburg and Bushkill Falls.
Today we did a little Outlet shopping, went to see Crescent Lake, 
Camelback Mountain and The Delaware Water Gap.
Tomorrow it is supposed to rain a lot.
We'll try to stay dry.
We will have to see what that means to our activity list.
Could be movies, games, more shopping.
Whatever the case we will enjoy it.

Here are a few of my favorite photos so far....
Unedited because I can't use too much more of my phone data.

Before we left home Warren made this applesauce for us to bring along.
He had never made applesauce before and we are all amazed at how very good it is.
Chelsea and I talked him through it though...so he can't take all the credit.... this time.
This leaves him room to do it again, right?
I love the glass bowls they have here at our time share unit.
With the sun streaming in the large windows it made for a pretty picture, I thought.

Color on the mountain across from my observation point of the Bushkill Falls.

The largest fall at Bushkill Falls.

Chelsea was just looking so pretty.

Tranquil waters at Bushkill Falls.

I let Chelsea take this photo of me at Camelback Mountain.  It and another one showed 
how ridiculously huge my jeans are....especially the one I'm not showing you.
So....I remedied that by doing a little shopping on the way back.
The new jeans are three sizes smaller than these ones.  Haha.
The sales lady was about worn out bringing me the wrong sized jeans in 
different lengths and finally told me that I think I'm bigger than I am.
She brought the smaller jeans...and whew!  They fit!

Me and My girl!

Coning back down the mountain.


Delaware Water Gap

These have been just samples of the photos I've had fun taking
with my phone....since I forgot our camera. 
But it has been fun all the same.

Perhaps after I edit I'll do another post with better photos....
just depends on how crazy life is once we get home.
I'm up to my ears in candle stuff right now.
Good stuff.

See ya soon....
in the meanwhile we are about to make more
memories and I don't want to miss it.


Theresa said...

What a wonderful time in your life! I know you are cherishing ALL of your time with Chelsea! Those pictures are gorgeous! Love the one of the lake:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Tracy s said...

Hey Becky,
I'm blogging again. Your pictures are beautiful.

Linda Gross said...

My husband and I visited Bushkill Falls many years ago. I would like to return one day. Very nice pictures of all of you. Nice going...3 sizes down!