Saturday, October 31, 2015

Another Round of Wedding Planning

We met with the florist.
Not just any florist...
Susan is a friend from our home school days who is an amazing
artist with flowers.
She delights in giving floral design as a gift to the young couples she has
come to know over the years.

How different from my trip to a florist before our wedding.
In that case it was about fifteen minutes and I got the basics.
Being creative never crossed my mind.

Sitting with Susan was special.
Chelsea had brought photos from Pinterest.
I know, really!
There are so many ideas on that site.
 It is no wonder I was woefully 
unprepared for my own floral consultation.
No Pinterest back in the day.

Chelsea shared her ideas and Susan's mind began to work.
You could see it.
And it was delightful.

The end result is amazing.
I cannot wait to see it all put together!!
Let's just say that it involves baskets, buckets, jars, roses, hydrangea,
 astilbe, pearls, candles and babies breath.
So romantic.
So intriguing.

Intriguing, unless you are Chadd.
Who later admitted to being somewhat bored by the entire process.
But how cool that he wanted to be involved in the discussion.
And he had good input that will be implemented.

Also happening yesterday...
the wedding dress.
It came in while we were on vacation so we went to look at it.
Oh my goodness.
It is still just perfect.
There are some adjustments to be made so we left it there and will 
go back in February or March for a final fitting.

We are so grateful for a longer engagement that allows us to 
 enjoy the process in a leisurely way.
And we realize now that God knew 
that there was going to be a big bump in the road 
along the way.
While we don't need gobs of time to
 prepare the details we do need time 
for Chadd to heal up.
It goes without saying that your prayers
continue to be much appreciated.
Chadd is doing way better than any of us 
could have anticipated but he still has a ways to go.
The pain is persistent.

It is so fun that our friends at Creekside Cottage are also 
wedding planning.
Theirs will be a beautiful December wedding.
We are so excited and pleased for Emma and Vinnie!

What a fun time of life.
We had dinner with Chelsea, Chadd, Michael and Emily last evening.
Hearing them speak intelligently about things that matter blessed my heart.
And hearing them still enjoy the silly stuff made me happy.
Who knew that we would end up 
with such well balanced
young adults?
Praise God!!


Sherry said...

so much wonderfulness happening...
happy things. love it. :)

Deanna Rabe said...

Susan is amazing and Emma and I will be meeting with her soon! What a gift she has! Chelsea's flowers sound beautiful and romantic! Ah! Delightful!

It's joy to see our children grown and growing up!