Monday, October 19, 2015

Catching up a Little

 Looking through my cell phone photos there aren't that many of interest.
I did take a picture of Chelsea's makeup so that I could buy the right one
at Rite Aid on my last visit.  
Snapped a pic of Jonathan one night as he was leaving for work
and looked pretty cute.
But if I shared that he might not be thrilled with

But there are a few from a Saturday visit to Longwood Gardens with 
Deanna, Bonnie and Georgia.
What a pretty day and probably the last for many of the plants
we saw since we had a hard frost and even some snow and hail
over the weekend.

As many of you know we have had a membership to this beautiful 
set of gardens for years.
It is something we never tire of as it is an ever changing landscape
with each season.
The staff and volunteers work relentlessly to come up with new
ways to display each area of the gardens.

Our afternoon started with lunch at the nearby Longwood Family Restaurant.
It was delicious!
And it was a great opportunity to chatter about many things.
We are pretty good at that.

It had been a while since Deanna and Bonnie had been to Longwood Gardens 
and it was fun to see them enjoy it again.

These ornamental cabbages may have been my favorites for this trip.
They are so ruffled and graceful all the while looking orderly.
Georgia thought she would likely want to eat them if they were in her garden. 

The color in this area was stunning.
I should have had my real camera to capture it properly.
But you can get an idea.

Progress continues on the new lawn and fountain area.
It was amazing to see how much they got done in the last
month or so.

 Deanna has more photos at Creekside Cottage.
There is even one of me over there that I don't hate.

Chelsea and Chloe have both been struggling with colds lately.
Chelsea for the past couple of weeks.
Chloe for the past couple of days.
I want them both to get NOW.

Tonight is a pumpkin party here at our house for many of Chelsea's coworkers.
It is going to be cold and we have a pile of fallen branches and wood
all ready to be lit up to help the party goers keep warm.
Chelsea and Chadd have been planning and preparing for this for over a month.
I think it just might be fun.
When Chelsea hosted a birthday/pumpkin carving party last year it was before they began
dating but the photo taken gave a hint that they were friends.

Chadd is in the gray jacket and hoodie and Chelsea is in the charcoal grey coat beside the birthday girl in red.

And now we are preparing for a May 1st, 2016 wedding.
Who would have thought it?

Chadd got the great news this week that he no longer needs formal physical therapy.
He is going to get a therapy session each day soon when he gets back to work.
We are believing that this will happen in the next week or two.
You could pray with us about those details and his continuing pain.

I need to get busy here.
I'll be off to Leola and Lititz today and then back here to make 
60 baby shower favors that I want to ship out tomorrow.
In that happy time of the year where there is always something to be done.

Have a very blessed day.


Theresa said...

Oh lots of happy news:) I always enjoy the gardens thru your pictures! I also love the ruffled cabbages! Can't wait to watch along as you prepare for the wedding! SO happy that Chadd is healing and getting his life back to normal! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Deanna Rabe said...

Thank you for getting me in on your pass, Becky! It was such a treat. I burned the Caramel candle last night - love it!

We are so happy for Chadd and Chelsea, praying for all the details!

Have a good day!


Vee said...

Love all the news! I see you approach a post as I do...looking for photos that might prompt a word or two. It is always nice to see the photos of the incomparable Longwood Gardens. I have never seen such a fine display of ornamental cabbages.

Sherry said...

you live a full and wonderful life..
love the pics of the gardens.
may 1 wedding. lovely.

Rebekah said...

Praise The Lord for the encouraging report on Chadd! Our omnipotent God is good All The Time, and He delights in showing Himself strong for His children. This difficult time in Chadd and Chelsea's life has a purpose. Now they have a life-long reminder, and testimony to share, of His power! Praise His name!

Tracy s said...

Just starting blogging again your kids look great!