Saturday, January 17, 2015

Topsy Turvy

I woke up at 3 am thinking it would be a normal trip to the rest room.
How very wrong I was.  Upon taking one step I fell sideways.  Hard into the wooden
pole at the foot of our bed.  I grabbed it and held on for all I was worth as the room 
swam and I broke out in a cold sweat and nausea.  

What in the world?

I am no stranger to vertigo but it normally presents as a swirling room, not like this.

So, there I stood.  Still foggy from sleep but in kind of a bad way.  I didn't want to 
"get sick" right in our bedroom but I couldn't imagine making it to the bathroom on 

my own either.  I thought about waking Warren but thought that might cause a panic
that could end up at the hospital and wasn't wanting that to I just stayed.
Attached to the bed and hoping that this would pass.

Finally I felt I could move if I held onto something all the way. So that was just what I did.
Groping from dresser to doorknob to wall and on I went until I made it to my goal.
The sweats and nausea were awful.  The swimming sensation in my head a stranger to me.

I checked my smile in the mirror.  Both sides of my lips went up 
and so I was relieved that this didn't appear to be a stroke.

Finally I carefully made it back to bed and collapsed onto my right side.  Oops.  That didn't work.
I felt that I was rocking in a boat on a storm filled sea.  Over to my left side.  Ahhhh....much better.
The "sea" was stilled.

I slept restlessly until sometime just before 6 am when I decided I had tried hard enough.  I came to the computer to see what it had to say about vertigo.  Sure enough!  Every one of my symptoms were there.  This is apparently just a different type than I've ever experienced before.  

As the day goes on I'm much, much better.  Warren and I have been out and done our grocery shopping without any embarrassing falls or sickness.

Here's hoping that it was just a one time event that never returns.  But I am carefully considering if I even want to attempt to sleep on my usual right side tonight....or just play it safe and sleep on my left.
That was bad enough that I'm leaning toward avoiding all risk.

Do you have experience with vertigo?  Any helpful hints?  I know about the exercise/positions you can do to move crystals that can cause it....however, I think this time that the source of the problems originates in my neck somehow.  Must be a nerve thing is what I'm thinkin'.

Otherwise life is pretty awesome.   I have no complaints.  


I'm loving my work, my family, the opportunities at Bible Study, Church and Co-op to participate in music, and even my crazy needy pets.  All FOUR of whom try to get my attention regularly 
and at the same time. complaints. 

See you again soon.


Terra said...

Oh dear Rebecca, I had vertigo twice, very briefly and it cleared up on its own. I read that Dramamine travel sickness pills are helpful so I bought some to have on hand. I hope your day and week are full of grace.

jAne said...

vertigo. ugh..

a friend of mine experiences "benign positional vertigo" and it's severe.

about 12 years ago i (along with my daughter) was in a car accident and the hit scrambled my brains (not a medical phrase) a bit. not only did (and do i) i have vertigo, but the nausea and constant spinning to the right remained with me for a couple years. i couldn't walk backward w/o experiencing unpleasantness, and even had difficulty stirring food in a bowl or pot. i still have vertigo but it has greatly lessened.

my physical therapist helped by pressing his fingers into the base of my skull while laying down on my back. highly uncomfy. but it helped. helped the occipital (sp?) pain running the course of my head, as well as the vertigo severity. don't try it on your own...have a professional conduct this and teach someone who loves you to complete this exercise at home. if i lived nearby i'd do it for you..

bless your heart...

Vee said...

Yes. Go to You Tube and search for Epley Maneuver and do it. It always works for me. I am pretty sure that it will work for you, too, from what you describe. You could go to the doctor and have him or her do it for you, but try it on your own first.

Mary said...

Oh dear...that had to be an awful experience. So happy to hear you're feeling better.

Joyful said...

So sorry about your frightening experience. I've never had vertigo and know only one person who suffered from it. I don't know what she did for it but I know it hindered her working life. I hope you will get the right advice and help. xx

Tanza said...

Aaawww be careful my friend,
I have a close friend who experienced vertigo every so often and then became more frequent, and, it was a clogged artery in her neck, which is quite common they say, and she felt as if she was rolling in a barrel. They would just keep an eye on it through ultra sound I believe, and, then eventually did some sort of little surgery, to repair the artery, and, she is completely FINE now.
I remember them saying they would have to contact the DMV if she didn't get it fixed because of being a danger driving. So, she decided to fix the problem at that point. Make sure you talk it over with your Drs. and take good care of yourself, or, we aren't going to be any good for anyone else :(:( Saying prayers for you my friend. Keep us posted
Love to you as I am smelling my lovely French lavender candle burn xoxo nitey nite

Theresa said...

I have not personally had vertigo but worked with a friend who had it! It sounds exactly like what you felt! I hope that you don't have that happen again! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way dear friend, HUGS!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Wow, that's pretty scary!

I don't get vertigo, but Tim has had it at times. He does the exercises that help those crystals get back into place and it usually works for him. Also the Doctor told him about trying an over the counter medicine called Bonine. It is for motion sickness and helped Tim - a lot.


Gayla said...

I took a trip to the ER with it because I thought it was a stroke. Extreme vomiting, too. Never had it again. I read that large amounts of water help. Mom cannot lie on her left side or she has it.

I'm sorry you got this. I wasn't as brave. Kinda thought I might be dying! Lol... Called my son and went in a really homely nightgown. Didn't even care. Lol


Doris said...

I didn't have the sweats, just a bit of nausea one morning this week...... I got out of bed and walked like a drunk into the wall!! Never had that happen before. By afternoon the swimming head was better. Oh the joys :) life is good!