Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lazy Saturday

It may be stormy and gray but at least it isn't icy and frigid.
Warren took Chelsea to work this morning 
and ended up enjoying breakfast at a nearby restaurant with 
our oldest son, Jonathan, as he got off his overnight guard shift at the same 
hour that Chelsea began her day shift. 

I've puttered around here
doing dishes, chatting with friends online, 
walking a slow mile on the treadmill, reading, 
making candles to fulfill orders and doing some online research.

Warren came home and got busy working on Chelsea's car.
We knew it needed some things...sadly it is worse off than we
knew so we will have to discuss it with her and see
what the next step might be.

I have a turkey out to defrost.
The plan is to roast it overnight and use it in meals
next week.  Perhaps we'll have turkey for lunch tomorrow
or perhaps we'll go out.
I'm flexible on that.

Laundry is calling my name.
Only because I find clothes to be non-optional
and our selection of clean ones is dwindling.
Clean clothes are preferred.
Over dirty ones, that is.

I know I should be moving more and cleaning more
but it is just one of those days that makes one want 
to hibernate and relax.

I'm still a bit woozy from time to time
after the big vertigo event.
Thankfully it isn't too bad and is worst first
thing in the morning.

This past week was plenty busy with our ladies
Bible Study, Music classes at Co-op and 
a new piano student on Friday added onto the 
regular family and candle stuff that keeps us busy.

So perhaps...a restful day is not a bad thing.
Not bad at all.

Especially before I convince Warren that he wants to head
out for a steak dinner with me this evening.
Poor guy has a bit of a cold so we'll have to see how 
he feels about that in a couple of hours.
Sounds good to me though.....

Oliver has been spending the day like this.....

 Photos taken some time ago but it looks the same today.

Hope you are having a wonderful, and maybe even lazy, day.


Debby said...

Lazy days are good days. Your cat looks like he is burying his head. Have a good Sunday.

Debby said...

Lazy days are good days. Your cat looks like he is burying his head. Have a good Sunday.

Carol Z said...

I hope your topsy turvy has gone away. Not a fun feeling at all. Spent a quiet, cozy indoor day and love catching up with my blog friends. Hope you had a great dinner.