Monday, January 5, 2015

Here's the Scoop!


I've been having issues with ligaments in my thumb that were aggravated
by scooping wax with a bowl.

Therefore, I am now using this fabulous ice scoop.
The handle is sized well for my grip and it scoops so much more
at a time with a great shape which directs the wax 
into my melter and pots very efficiently.

Little changes.
Hoping for BIG results.


Mrs.Rabe said...


It's amazing what a small change like that can do!


jAne said...

thankful you discovered a solution! pretty flakes there...

Vee said...

John is forever talking about the proper tool for the job,mwhich is why I keep mentioning a walking foot for my sewing machine. Glad that you have found "just the thing."

Vickie said...

Hey there Becky! So nice to see your sweet comments today. I thought about you during the holidays as I still have some of your candles that I used. The pumpkin still has to be my favorite. I hope to be a more faithful blogger - I'm so thankful for all my blog friends to send encouragement and not forget me. Hope your 2015 is off to a great start!

Theresa said...

Gotta make changes sometimes to keep on keepin' on:) Hope all is well today with you! HUGS!

Carol Z said...

Praying for big results and no pain!