Thursday, January 8, 2015

Always a Work in Progress!

One can never be satisfied with their skill levels.
I am always, always, always trying to improve presentation
and packaging for my candles.

It is my biggest challenge.
I know I make awesome candles.
I know this because so many people come back 
for more and more.

However, in order for people to come back for more 
they have to want to try them in the first place.
This means that I need to grab their eye.

I want to make them prettier and prettier.

The power of the label became obvious when all of a sudden my little owl
baby shower favors became popular.
I was blown away at the response to them.
It continues even today.
Even though I have many other cuties 

those particular owls are just so popular.

The frogs make me giggle.

As Melissa helped me prepare for the Chambersburg show
this past November she encouraged me to feature French Lavender
in its own section as a spa/relaxation option.
I typically hold the French Lavender for Spring
but I took her advice and had fun with the labels.
Even though space was limited for the feature
those who love it ...found it.

I continue to have a blast working on baby shower favors.
There are so many adorable images available to purchase...
and I'm getting them.
More and more designs will be available this year.

Being creative in the colors and styles
is what keeps it fresh and fun.

If I was shopping for a candle this one would catch my eye
because of the soft teal color.

She is just adorable.

Elephants are kind of popular...but not as much as owls.

See another owl?
Too girly for many but those that love it.... love it!

It is all a part of the journey.
Sometimes I come across older candles that I have made
and I just want to hide them from sight forever more.
But on the other hand, just as in life we are always a work in progress, 
so is the work of our hands.


Theresa said...

Oh these are just TOO precious! Great work and I love your candles:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Vee said...

Interesting discussion of the process! I only know that I prefer a label that can be washed so not paper. I love the girly owl and, since so many know what the gender is beforehand, it can be a fun choice. I like the "let it all go" and "ride the wave" phrases.

jAne said...

the creative process is making for some truly eye catching results. i especially love the pink owl and baby girl images.

Carol Z said...

They're all cute, but I am wild for the koala. Now I'm going to start hoping for a baby shower in my little universe. Keep cozy, my friend.

Tanza said...

Hi Doll face,
YES ....... YOU HAVE THE BESTEST candles ever ...... Did you get my note last week ?! I need 6 more !!! The bigger size jar I always purchase ..... 3 of the French lavender, to(to die for)and, 3 more Autumn magic ..... another new one to me that I have fallen in love with ...... lmk. You can send me an email paypal once they are ready to ship !!! It's funny, cuz the ones that you send that I have NEVER tried, I ALWAYS fall in LOVE ..... will wait to hear back from you ...
Have a lovely, blessed day my friend ..... YOUR HOME MUST SMELL SCRUMPTIOUS all the time xoxo ~tanza~