Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Very Brief Visit to Longwood Gardens....

It sounded like a wonderful idea.
Even as we were preparing to clean up from the wedding
on Monday morning we discussed how perfect the weather was
for a visit to Longwood Gardens.
Much the afternoon was well underway we decided that 
we should go.  Even though we would have less than two hours
before the gardens closed.
I was in some significant pain that I thought was just sore muscles.
Turned out later that I actually have/had some virus.
But nonetheless, it is rare that Warren has opportunity to go with 
us and so we headed out.
Our ride over was a bit quiet, I think, since we were all
fighting to stay awake.
Chelsea, in particular, felt the sleepy's settle in as we drove
so that when we got there she was a tiny bit 
sorry we had come.

We headed for the brick walk.
It is so full and tall.
Wow...most things are as tall as we are.
We figured we are probably some of the last 
to get to see these plants because the gardeners will likely 
remove them in the next week or two in order to 
put in the Fall plants.

These dahlias were our height.

We walked paths that provided shade and gentle slopes upward.
None of us had the energy for steep hills.
But this is one of the wonderful things about Longwood Gardens...
there are options.
And many paths to choose from.

Finally we arrived at the Conservatory.
Being so late in the day we were among the few who were visiting
and so I got to snap a photo without people in it.
This is rare especially this time of the year.

It didn't take long for Warren and Chelsea to find the chairs near the black bamboo.
O.k. truth be told, Chelsea was investigating the Conservatory as Warren and I 
sat here before she returned and I headed out.

 I circled back to sneak some shots of my tired peeps.

 Ahhh....the sound of water and the scents of flowers all around.
It is a great place to just be....
But I went out to see what was new and different in the various
areas of the Conservatory.

What I found was this view through the window.
Actually...It is the window itself that always catches my eye.
I love the graceful curves and the sheer size of the many, many 
windows in the conservatory.
Architectural details?
They really make a difference.

I only took a few photos after this.
We wandered over toward the idea gardens but just couldn't 
talk ourselves into heading farther afield and into the open sunshine
and so headed back to the garden exit.

We enjoyed this visit very much in spite of all of my complaining here about 
the exhausted state we were in.
And are so thankful for passes that allow us to be ok 
with coming for an hour here or there.

Michael and Emily both worked in these gardens.
They have spent countless hours planting, weeding, studying
and walking these acres.
It seemed a fitting way to close the book on this wedding week.
And it was.


Mrs.Rabe said...

It is always worth a visit! I like to find a shady spot and read while the family explore all the tree houses!

Hope you're feeling better.


Lorrie Esposito said...

Looks so peaceful by the water. Those Dahlias are impressive. This is definitely a place I would love to visit in person.

Vee said...

Stunning photos of those dahlias...

Oh I am sorry to learn that you are under the weather and I hope that you give yourselves the luxury of rest. You need it!

Carol Z said...

One of my favorite places and a perfect way to complete the wedding week. Take good care and hope you're feeling much better.