Saturday, August 23, 2014

Set Up Day

Yesterday I baked the cake parts.  There will be three visible cakes.  A fourth will be on stand by for additional pieces should the first three not go far enough.  I won't give away any details on the cakes other than to say they will be unusual.  I think they will be quite interesting....and very much Emily.  That is a hint.

The only casualty, thus far, to the cake making process was my 25 year old hand mixer.  I believe it was a wedding gift.  It took me NO time to decide that trying to rescue it was not happening.  Warren was so kind as to run to the store for another one.  I couldn't leave my cakes in the oven untended.  He did a great job picking another one.  It really goes.  And he loves that it has a "power boost" button.  Such a man!  Tee-hee.

Today we will head out to the venue to set up.  There is rain in the forecast so I don't know that the outside stuff will get done today....maybe later....but I'll get the cakes built and put in the fridge.  We can set up the inside areas for the reception.  I am getting excited.

Warren will set up sound systems...inside and out.  Swing dance will be a big part of the reception.  You should see Emily dance.  She is amazing.  So light on her feet.  Mikey... is also a great dancer but more freestyle. He doesn't love to swing dance.  Just proves you don't have to have identical interests to fall in love.  I'm going to do something I've never done before.....a mother-son dance.  Um...this should be very, very interesting.  Hope we get to run through it tomorrow....but probably won't.  He'll just have to lead.

My friend Shelley arrived last evening.  We were both so tired that it was more of a yawn fest than a conversation....but I am always very happy to see her.  She is like a sister to me.  We will have a good day today.

Due to the small venue many friends and family aren't able to make it to the wedding so we are planning a second big shin-dig next month.  I'm looking forward to that, as well.  So many people love Michael and Emily and want to share their joy.  It will be on their original wedding date....before it was changed to make logistics so much easier.  I don't think the happy couple minded bumping the date up by a month.  They are ready to get settled into a home together.  We are so very happy for them.

I'll try to remember to take photos today and tomorrow.  Removing the Mom hat and putting on my blogger hat a few times through the day.  :-)    Have a wonderful day!!


Mrs.Rabe said...

It's so exciting! I can't wait to see everything from the flowers to her dress to the cakes! I know they'll be delish!

I am very happy for them!


Vee said...

Praying for a beautiful wedding all the way around. Two parties? Twice the fun!

sherry. said...

so much fun following the wedding plans. :)