Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I Remember This Feeling

It was the last year of our home education.
Chelsea was graduating early.
I was about to be out of a that I was both
sad and happy to see go.
Home School Teacher.

There is this feeling of transition.
In most things I would tell you that I love change.
I am easily bored and need a varied routine.

This whole shift from parent of teens 
to parent of adults is taking its toll.
Not because my young ones are bad.
Couldn't be further from the truth.
They are amazing!!

If you've been reading along you know that we have 
had a very happy few months.
Things are constantly changing here and we are having
fun together.
my "kids" are less and less dependent on me all of the time.

They make their own decisions.
One is getting married.

One is seeking the Lord's will for the next couple of years in her life.
Sometimes her answers clash with my dreams.
Can you believe it???
And yet she is finally at peace with her Lord.
And that is exactly what we hope for, right?

Another has been patiently waiting for a full time position
to open up for him and continues to wait.
He has been through so much in the past few years
and has come through stronger and such 
a dear young man.
Perhaps soon the timing will be right
and God will say "Yes".

I know this feeling.
It is the one that says I just want the world to 
slow down a bit and let me get my bearings.
It is the one that grieves for all that I thought I knew.
It is the one that rejoices in God's Goodness even through 
the pain of this refining process.

I also remember that in times past He has shown 
Himself so faithful in everything.
He gives us what is best for us....
in His timing.

Sometimes we are right about what we wish 
and hope for but our timing is just wrong.
Other times we are sadly mistaken in what we are hoping 
for but He allows short term pain for the longer good.

I have no idea which this will end up being
but I choose to trust.

Even as my heart hurts.
And lets go.....
Just a bit more.

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