Friday, July 25, 2014

A Beautiful Summer Day

 It is the kind of day that inspires the pets to want to be outside.
And it is even the kind of day that makes me willing to stay 
outside with them longer than usual.
When we first got out here Oliver was in the hammock
 with Georgia.  
It was so cute. 
when he saw me coming he jumped down
before I could snap any pictures.

 Just look at the sun and shade dappled yard.
We are so blessed.

 Back in the wild part of the yard
Tidbit was enjoying the cool grass.

I got closer to take some photos.

Then next thing I knew 
Oliver was up in my face.
He seemed a bit jealous.

But most likely he was just curious.
I don't think he really was jealous.
He's pretty secure in his ability to get attention.

Tidbit...looking pretty good for fourteen,
don't you think?


Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures! Love those shots of the sun and shade:) Enjoy your weekend dear friend, HUGS!

Vee said...

These summer days are particularly sweet! Glad that all are enjoying them in your lovely yard, even the kitties!