Monday, December 16, 2013

Celebrating Chelsea's Safe Arrival Home

Without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever done
is love Chelsea enough to encourage her to follow her 
heart to Australia and Thailand.
Over the past four years of struggle with Anorexia
we have become so close that we were nearly 
always together.
Well, obviously she worked and had her friends....
but Chelsea was always, always a part of 
my day.

having her leave and trusting that she would 
do the necessary things to stay healthy for 
five months...
let alone all of the dangers inherent in traveling to 
Australia and Thailand 
nearly took me down.

But all the while I wrestled with fear and worry
there was an underlying peace.
Somehow I just knew that what Chelsea would gain
in these studies and experiences were worth
a million times more than my 
anxious heart.

It was.

Last evening we met her at Newark International Airport.
Let me just say that I LOVE Harrisburg and Lancaster Airports much more.
But, Newark, New Jersey works if you want the shortest flight possible
and all of that.

We were so busy looking for her that she 
nearly made it right into our faces before we saw her.
So tanned, tiny and tired.
But she looks good.

Her brothers have missed her immensely.
They were nearly as surprised as we were 
at just how much they missed having her around.

She is the glue.
The inspiration behind silly plots.
She is JOY.

Her culture shock is in full bloom already.
Americans are apparently loud and quite rude 
compared to other cultures.
There was a bit of a glazed look that took 
over when she was not directly engaged in 

She is sleeping now and we are committed to 
letting her sleep as long as it takes on this first day.
the hair cut and shopping
(at her request)
before a special treat this evening.

I'll try to get pictures to show you tomorrow.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Welcome home Chelsea!

She left a girl and came home a woman.

We love her and you. You did great Mama!


Vee said...

Praise God! Always good to have the family back together and at Christmas perfect. LOUD? OBnoxioUS? Oh dear! (I have heard former missionaries say the same thing. Culture shock happens very quickly, doesn't it? ) Have a blast shopping!

Linda Gross said...

Welcome home Chelsea!

jAne said...

so blessed and wonderful is the gathering of all your family's hearts again. love it. :)

JD/ Jill said...

Great post! So Happy for you that Chelsea is safely back home again!