Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Life  really can seem like such a jumble of pieces 
that all come together
However they are not so random....
because I don't really believe that things
"just happen".

Take, for example, 
Mikey's big crash on his 21st birthday.
Before he made the jump over the bonfire on his
dirtbike I "knew" that it wasn't going to go well.
In fact, I couldn't watch.
 Michael has done much more daring tricks 
without incident....
but somehow both Warren and I just knew
that this was going to be a defining moment.
Sure enough, 
he went down hard.
As I stood over him....
in pain,
words came from my mouth that I would 
certainly not have said had I thought about it.
I said, 
"This is the best thing that could have happened!"
I think the friends and co-workers who
had only just met me moments before 
were pretty sure I was crazy.
What mother says this as her son 
lays there in excruciating pain?

Since then,
I see that those words were prophetic.

You see, Michael was headed on a path
that from all we could see was not the best one for him.
I had told you that he was trying to get into the Army?
Well, that was still very much a goal of his.
We never had peace about it.
Not for a second.

But, after Mikey's accident, and because of Michael's accident, 
 he got reconnected 
with a very special young lady.
I say reconnected because she was his first, 
and only girlfriend
a few years ago.

They are quite the item now.
The Army has been called off.

We are thrilled to see him so happy.
And we love his friend, Emily.

 Now I bet you are wondering what dog shampoo has to do 
with a post such as this?
Well, it is another piece in the complex puzzle called life.
See the cute puppy picture on the label?
His name is Jake and he lives in New Mexico with his owner Kim.
Kim gave me this picture to use on my new dog shampoo/conditioner.
You see, Kim and I are friends on Etsy. 
She has this really cool shop which features her photography 
in various forms.

Kim knows the Archer Family.
Mrs. Archer is from the Philippines.
Through her we 
have been able to help the victims
of the massive hurricane.

Our contacts are now worldwide.
Through interesting and Providential connections.

This is a very tired Chelsea on Monday evening after we had returned 
from a fun event at Sight and Sound Theater.
This is the first year that there was a Conservatory at the theater.
One of the students came to our church so we went to see 
her graduate.
It was such a special evening....but in spite of my best intentions
I forgot my phone and camera so I couldn't take any pictures.
When we got home we found Liza and Emily hanging out with the guys....
they happen to be sisters. 
It was a great reunion with Chelsea.
We have known this lovely family for more than 12 years
and love each one of them.

 Several weeks ago I had been at a friend's home for a visit.
I told you about it at the time.
Melissa has been a long time friend.
She is loyal and generous.
On this visit, Melissa, 
served tea like this.

I then had to share this experience with my family
because I thought it was so cool...and tasty.
So I got my own clear pot and tea flowers.
Thanksgiving evening we sat around the table and sipped 
tea while eating leftover turkey on sandwiches while 
chatting with Chelsea in Thailand.

It was so fun and so special.
Random friend?
I don't think so.

If you wouldn't mind praying for Melissa
it would be great. 
She has been sick for a few weeks now and 
needs to have prayers for renewed strength.

So....I started this post with a photo of these 
ginger ninja's.
They are yet another "random" piece that just make life more interesting.
Chelsea and the boys have a tradition of making a gingerbread house
on Christmas Eve.  Then they watch movies until the wee hours.
This year they are talking about making the Space Needle.
We'll see what comes of that.
But as Chelsea and I perused a local store yesterday
we spotted these fun cookie cutters.
We decided that they would look great hanging from the Space Needle.
So, this evening I walked into the kitchen to find 
Chelsea, her friend Hannah, Jonathan, Michael and Emily 
all hanging out and either watching or working on 
Ginger Ninjas.

A mosaic.
Filled with friends and events.
It may look random.
But I highly doubt that it is......
highly doubt it, indeed.


Aloquin said...

Becky, that was the most beautiful post :)

"All things work together for good to them that love God" :)

sammysgrammy said...

Becky, your post reminded me of this song. I'ts an oldie. I don't remember all the words. I believe it was written by a local gal. The words that came to me as I read your post, talked about how the Lord was creating a weaving of your life. He sees the upper side (the end picture)but we just see the underside of the weaving and it's looks very disorderly, full of strings, colors, threads. Looks messy. But the Lord knows how he wants it to look and He's an expert weaver.

Theresa said...

Welcome home Chelsea! I bet you squeezed her really good when you saw her sweet face:) Love it that something good came from your Son's accident! I try to find good in the bad things that happen in my life too! Prayer requests noted and I promise to pray:) Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I agree - nothing is random. We've seen that over and over again.

God is good!


Vee said...

Not one thing is out of the grand design. I wondered how you were going to weave this post together and you did it. Very intriguing the connections in the cyber world. One thing is certain, Chelsea is going to keep things hopping in the merriest sort of way!

Carol Z said...

Becky, I am so thankful that you are part of my mosaic. Happy, healthy and merry wishes to you and prayers for Melissa.