Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sometimes Themes Get Mixed

You may remember the funny labels I designed for
a local salon some time ago?
Well, one of them stuck. 
It is this
Hippy Chick (Patchouli Vanilla)
12 ounce candle.
I don't think that animal print
and Hippies have anything in common.
But, Hippies and Patchouli certainly do did.
The animal print was a nod to the Salon,
Faux Real Spalon.
There is animal print everywhere.
Even the wall to wall carpet is
animal print.
Much more tastefully done that you
could possibly be imagining.
So today I was working around the kitchen
and dining room making up orders
that have accumulated while I was
off enjoying visiting family
and Christmas.
All of a sudden I noticed something left
on the dining room table by one of the
my offspring.
It was a hat.
Alas, it had a very similar design to
the print on the label I had just
attached to a candle jar.
Well, as long as we are mixing
our themes anyway why not take it
a step further.

And so I did.
Isn't it adorable?
So hap - py to-gether!


Theresa said...

Cute:) That made me smile this morning, BIG HUGS!

Tracy's corner said...

So cute.

Vee said...

I like it! Now you've got me singing that song!