Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Things are Changing Around Here

Well, time has come for the harvest.
It is not ours to harvest and yet we enjoy the process
every year.
Last evening we came home after dark and I noticed
two eyes glowing in the field across the street.
Then it occurred to Warren that the corn was gone.
While we were out for a few hours they cut down an 
entire field of corn.

I love it!
Now we have an entirely different view than we had 
just yesterday.



I noticed that while the corn grew some sort of 
purple flowers also grew against the stand of trees 
across the way.
Now that the corn is not blocking the view 
I get to enjoy the purple in front of the trees.

Mom's decorative grass is showing off.
I loved the texture against the 
rough wood of the bluebird box.



Not that the bluebirds used this box...
no they chose a mailbox instead.
You should have heard the conversations about that
among the neighbors. 
Georgia even called the post office and made arrangements 
for them to leave the momma and babies alone.
Small towns.
You have to love them!

The photos seen above were taken over the corn just hours
before it was chopped up into tiny pieces to 
feed animals over the winter to come.

Who knew it was growing on such borrowed time?

Yep, things are a'changing.

The nights are cool...
the mornings, nippy.

It is time to cut back the Hosta and maybe find 
a hay bale or three.
Definitely need to get our annual pumpkins pretty soon.
I love Fall.
How about you?


~PJ said...

Its my favorite time of year!..... So now I wonder what eyes were reflecting at you!

Vee said...

How do you know when it's time to cut back the hosta? Aren't you supposed to allow it to die back or is it okay? I'm so confused by gardening issues. Your mom and her bluebird family make me smile. I do love it.

Next you must show us what your view is now!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I always let my hosta just die back on its own...

I adore Autumn and am loving the cooler weather and the way the light looks this time of year....


JD said...

Pretty Pics...I'm enjoying the weather we are having too. Wish it would last for a long time...Blessings, Jill

jAne said...

what a beautiful view you have.. autumn is on its way so they say. i'll live vicariously through you while attempting to ignore the 95 temp here in sacramento. :o/