Monday, September 10, 2012

I Walked Into the Stream For These Photos

O.k. so they aren't amazing...
but they are pretty and relaxing.
It had been a very dry summer up in this part of Pennsylvania
so the stream was running low and slow.

 We have seen it overflow its banks
and rush dangerously
on its way.
This is much better.

The mist rising off the water was my inspiration.
I always love misty photos that other people take.
Just wanted to see if I could capture it.

I was thinking I would just stand in the 
stream for a while until something began
tickling my toes.


I don't think I would like one of those
pedicures where the fish eat the dead skin off.
Have you heard about those?

Suddenly the views are from the bank 
of the stream.

 I was trying to capture the water droplets.
It seemed that every time I would get one in focus it would drop
to the ground.

We are home again and life continues
on its merry little way.

We had a very fun day with our church family yesterday.
Katie's family hosted us for the afternoon.
The dads challenged the youngsters in a game of
ultimate frisbee.
The dads lost but not by as much as was expected.
After the game the players were rewarded with 
homemade ice cream.
Susanna loves to play with flavors
and did a wonderful job creating
Oreo ice cream.

My friends Sue and Ruth joined me in a 
watermelon seed spitting contest.
We had a blast.
They said I won but I think it was just 
because it was my birthday and they were being kind.
I did manage to shoot rapid fire with two of them.
Oh yeah!
Hey...have a great day.
I'm back in the candle kitchen.
Cooking up fun candles to fill orders.


Vee said...

Oh these photos are so restful and easy on the eyes. You definitely captured the mists and that one patch of bright color looks very nifty against all the green and gray.

Happy birthday! (You almost sneaked that by me.) Your Sundays always sound like so much fun.

Melissa G. said...

Those pictures are so peaceful and relaxing. Looks like a wonderful place to have some quiet time.

Theresa said...

Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you dear friend:) Love ALL of your beautiful pictures! Have a blessed candle-making day! HUGS!

Marydon said...

Oh, Becky, I love the serenity you captured ... awesome.

Have a beautiful day~

Alicia said...

So relaxing!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are amazing! I think you captured the mist rising over the water beautifully. And the way the tree branches hang so low to the pretty. It looks so peaceful and tranquil there. Love the rocks...I'm always sending my husband and son to the creek to pick out some rocks for me to use in my flower borders. I would've scooted out of the water, too, if I felt something tickling my toes! Again, great pictures!

Susy said...

Beautiful photos Becky ~ so glad you had a nice rest, so you can gear up for the holidays (: ~ blessings.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Oh these are LOVELY! You definitely captured the peacefulness here . . . I could almost smell the rain and the wet wood! Love the way you did capture the water droplets on the branches!

Karen said...

I missed your birthday-I'm so sorry!!!

Belated birthday wishes to you, dear friend. I hope the year ahead brings you joy and peace...and maybe a visit from a Michigan friend?

As for your pictures-they are fantastic! I feel like I've been there in person. The misty ones are really cool. Possible notecards?

JD said...

So beautiful. You almost made me feel like I was right there with you...