Thursday, September 27, 2012

There is a Reason People Come to Branson

 Our main reason for planning this trip 
was to see Joseph one more time.
It is absolutely my favorite show that 
Sight and Sound has produced for the 
large stage.
I truly miss Psalms of David which was 
run at the smaller theatre in Lancaster
but when it comes to the large stage shows.....
This one is at the top of my list.
That is saying something because I love Jonah too.

 Since both Mom and Chelsea work in concessions in the Lancaster theatre
they were quite interested in seeing how things are set up 
in Branson.
They loved it.

 I think they enjoyed seeing product they used to sell once again.
We also met a sweet lady named Peggy who does in Branson
what Mom does in Strasburg.
They really enjoyed talking to each other!

And then we found Goliath!
He used to be in "our" theatre lobby.
The kids look so small compared to him.
That is an accomplishment when it comes to 
Jonathan.  At 6'7" he is accustomed to being the tallest
in the room.

 So, where are we?
Sure looks like Strasburg....
but this is the front of the Branson theatre.

Jonathan, Chelsea and Mom would like one of these at home
because people are always asking them where the box office is.
Apparently it blends into its surroundings so well that people 
often miss it.

I'm not saying this because my whole family works for Sight and Sound
but it is such a wonderful place to visit.
The shows are quality.
The people are warm and friendly.
Coming from the "employee" side of it I can tell you that 
what you see is real.
The mission is to spread the gospel through telling the 
stories given to us in the Word of God.
Mom and Chelsea serve on the Prayer Team.
Those on the prayer team make themselves available to 
pray with anyone after the show
who wants to do so.
They have had some amazing experiences.
What a blessing!
The other part of the mission is to minister to the employees
in any way they possibly can.
It really happens.
We were talking about it on the long drive out here and we
had nothing but good things to say.
We are very blessed to be associated with such a caring
and talented organization.
Maybe one day I will join them.....
as a Sight and Sound employee.
Who knows.

Yesterday we went to Silver Dollar City.
It was beautiful!
 I am not a huge fan of theme parks because
I don't really ride the rides
but here there were many things to do besides rides.
There are many artisans with beautiful items to look at...
and even purchase if one has the spare cash to do so. can do what we did and get a card
so that Warren knows where to get that perfect 
Christmas gift for Moi.
Oh, yes I did.
I have a weakness for pottery and they had some amazing pieces.

The decor was gorgeous.
I loved the simplicity of this gate.

My one and only ride, 
other than the train....
Tea cups!
 I could have ridden this one several times.
We were going to try to fit all four of us into one tea cup
but it was too snug.
We had to insist that Warren and Jonathan
"get their own tea cup!".

 The fearless ones rode the rocking ship.
I guess I might have liked it too.
They said it was relaxing.

 Hunger found us.
Jonathan had a turkey leg and beans
while Chelsea and I shared strawberries and ice cream.

The reason Mom chose to come to Branson this week?
Sons of the San Juaquin.
They were playing in the theatre inside Silver Dollar City.
The old cowboy songs that I remember from my childhood.

The only other ride I was interested in was the train.
There we had a little adventure as two not so brilliant
train robbers "held us up".
We were in the perfect train car to see this performance.
We had eye contact with the "robbers" and it was 

I won't try to replay it for you.
But if you get out here this is great.
Just be sure to get in car #2.

 Quite the characters!

I made everyone stand in front of the huge cornucopia 
for pictures before we left the park.

Then I made them all get out of the way so I could just get the 
decoration by itself.

Not sure who that guy is....
but he wasn't moving.

Our final stop while in Silver Dollar City was
the Taffy Store.
Grandma treated us.
Chelsea and Jonathan had so much fun
choosing from the many varieties.

We miss our Mikey but are thankful to know that he and Georgia are
keeping things in good shape at home.

We were glad that Mikey wasn't with us at the Dutton Show last 
night.  He would have gotten so many crazy ideas.
Mom and I went alone because everyone else needed 
a break from "shows".
We laughed so hard.
If you come out here I recommend you make time 
to see The Duttons.
They are a family ....a large family....
and they are great!!

The mother, Sheila, told a story that many of 
my church friends will appreciate.
She said when the children were small...
four of them, ages four and under....
a man at the grocery store turned to her and asked 
if she had ever heard of family planning.
She informed him that indeed she had heard of it 
and was halfway through her plan.
Go Sheila!!

We were saddened to wake up yesterday to the news
that Andy Williams had passed away at his home here in Branson.
His theater is beautiful and I know he impacted this area 
for many years.
Praying for his family in this time of grief.

More to come....
at some point.
But, for now, I have to run and get ready for 
today's adventures.

Hope you have a blessed day.


Vee said...

So enjoyed seeing all these wonderful photos. The kids are cute. Loved learning more about the theater's mission and the plays that have been done. I'd have enjoyed time in the taffy store.

I'm still getting used to the idea of a world without Mr. Williams in it...

PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

I love that you guys got to go on this trip, it looks wonderful! So much taffy, so little time!

jAne said...

i'd love to visit branson! thanks for sharing so many pictures and little stories about your visit. loved seeing your children's silliness and happy hearts. ♥

Linda Gross said...

It sounds (and looks) like you had a good time in Branson. I've never been there; however, Mom went there years and years ago. She loved it. I am not much into rides at amusement parks either. There is an exception. I will ride at Walt Disney World and the like. I always look for something to photograph, when at an amusement park. It would be interesting to see a counterpart (either a person or a building) somewhere else. Good post!