Thursday, January 12, 2017

Candle Crazy!

It didn't stop with Christmas.  The orders have been coming in very steadily over the past few weeks. I've been to my local supplier twice already for wax, jars and melter clamshells and have placed a long distance order for more wicks and other needs.  What a blessing because so often it gets slow after the holidays while people enjoy their candle gifts.

Here are a few of the candles I'm working on...

There you have it.
These and store stocking....that's what I'm up to these days when it comes to candles.
Jonathan misunderstood me this morning when I said I was 
going to go stock stores.
He thought it was scary and weird that I was going out to stalk stores.
Well....maybe next week I'll try that. 

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Vee said...


Glad that the business keeps growing. I have my Good Neighbor candle favorites around here. Have not yet used my lavender candle, but the time is nearing.