Sunday, January 1, 2017

"Blue" Christmas Payback

We just had a very delightful weekend with my brother Allan, Beverly and her sister Betsy.  It was their year to spend Christmas away and New Years with us.  It tends to stretch out the season a bit, which I find kind of nice.

Yesterday Jonathan had a migraine and so he held his gifts for Uncle Allan and Aunt Bev until today after lunch.  I'm so glad he did.

You see, about three four years ago Allan and Bev had gifted the kids these "cute" blue one piece jammies.  We thought it was super funny seeing them all in their suits.

Jonathan came home and ordered blue suits for 
all of the rest of us and planned to give them to us 
the following Christmas.

However, on that Christmas Day he had a stomach bug
and so he neither came over for the gift exchange nor sent his 
fun gifts along.
(We wouldn't have wanted to touch anything from his room anyway)

Then the blue suits were forgotten for a time.....
three years or so.

Flash forward to today.

Two special people were gifted blue suits.
The givers of the originals.

Uncle Allan and Aunt Beverly
are such great sports!

Pretty soon they were running through the kitchen and around
to the living room where they caught up with 
Jonathan and "thanked" him properly for their delightful gifts.

Look at that face!
Feel the love???


Vee said...

That's a fun story! I do think Jonathan was fine with that giant hug... (I have obviously not been paying attention as this is the first time it has registered that you are not an only child.)

Becky K. said...

My brother usually frowns on me posting photos of him but this was just too good to pass up. I warned him that it was better than just fb...this was blogworthy. :-) I LOVE the genuine affection and happiness in the hug photos.

Linda Gross said...

Fun post! You have a fun family :)

Carol Z said...

Love your cute header and the fun post! Prayers and wishes for 2017.

Charm and Grace said...

Ha! Ha! What fun you must've all had and made memories that you'll replay often. Love your new header! Happy 2017!!