Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Blog Post in Which I Pull Photos From My Phone and Talk About Them

My would-be travel buddies.
They were begging to come with me today.
But it wasn't convenient.
This is pretty much what I go through every time I load the car
for candle deliveries.

On the floor are the empty boxes from the delivery 
to Blue Dandelions by Tiffany the day before.
I reuse my boxes....

Things are feeling a bit squeezy around here right now.
So much going on in the family including a broken wrist for Warren's Mom.
She got hurt at the horse rescue where she volunteers when a couple 
of horses decided they wanted in the barn when she was letting
another horse out.
I've been having issues with crazy arthritis or something that is killing
my neck and back. 
Hoping that lets up soon.

I'm teaching multiple music lessons each week.
Loving the results my students are getting from their 
hard work.

AND candle season is in full swing.
I've just about gotten rid of the first round of candle stock I made 
for the fundraisers and retail spaces. 
Now I'm working to do it all again because there are four more 
fundraiser events in the works as well as a craft show and 
some donations.

Even though the day was nice yesterday both cats were inside snoozing.
Molly's coloring kind of makes it all a cohesive look, don't you think?

Oh, that delightfully large super moon made it look like a snowy
evening without the snow.
At least in my opinion it seemed as if you could see 
so much around you like you can when there is a reflective
covering of snow on the ground.

My poor phone camera tried and tried to focus
but it never did get it.

Molly was sleeping so sweetly on Warren's lap (as usual)
the other evening.
Just had to take the picture.

And then there is this.
Occasionally making candles gets messy.
There happened to be a tiny crack in this clamshell that I didn't
notice before pouring the wax.
I have to say that I was so impressed when after posting this
photo on my Business Facebook page I was contacted
by my supplier offering a replacement.
My supplier is Fillmore Container in Leola and I couldn't
be happier with the service I've received by them 
over the years.
But that was an AA++ kind of moment!!
I highly recommend them for any of your jar needs.
For locals who do seasonal canning or for large scale production
of any kind of jarred product.
They can set you up!!

These things happen.
I don't get worked up about it but I really loved that personal service!

These pretties ship out today.
One pretty detail in a wedding.

I hit it big at Christopher and Banks this week.
70% off their clearance.
Loved this sweater and white shirt.
So I'm wearing it today to co-op.
Comfy and it didn't break the bank.

If you wonder why this is a big deal?
It's because I don't shop.
Especially now that Chelsea is married.
I only went along with her because she loved it so much.
I really don't.

However, I do LOVE a good sale!!

Oh well, there you have it.
With and without glasses.
Wish I could wear contact lenses but the eye doctor I go to 
attends our church and he told me I shouldn't.
He would know if I went behind his back and tried it anyway.

Have a great day!
I'm off to sing with my kiddos for the last time
in 2016.
Those ten weeks flew by!!


Sherry said...

♥ praying for warren's mom ♥
♥ praying for your health ♥
loving your picture - your eyes are beautiful!
i like that sweater and shirt ..
i'm snoozing off and on today
and evelyn is preferring ample time
outside. something about laying in the sun.
the hubs is at corporate so i don't have
to cook full meals .. easy peasy!

Vee said...

You have beautiful eyes and that sweater sure brings out the blue. Shopping is not my favorite thing either, which is why I am wearing flannel shirts. So sorry about Warren's mom's broken wrist. She is not going to enjoy being sidetracked. And I hope that your neck feels better soon. Heating pad time?

Kris said...

Hi, I'm a blog reader from York county.

Can you post when you are going to be selling your candles at local events? Is there a local retail shop you sell at?

I have never bought a soy candle, I'd like to see what they're like.


Doris said...

Your picture of the moon looks like the one I took with my cell...just can't capture the beauty at all!
Love the sweater! I just can't imagine not liking to shop....I'd go everyday if I could! I do love a bargain. My bargains mostly come from the Community Aid thrift store these days.
Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Becky K. said...

Thanks ya'll for the comment love. It is always super nice to hear from you.

Vee, I have a corn bag that I use on my neck sometimes.! Our friends at Blue Barn Bulletin made it for us.

Kris, I will have candles at Lime Valley Mill on the Friday through Sunday following Thanksgiving. I'll work a few hours there but mostly I just drop them off and come back after the fact to pick up the lonely candle stragglers. I also have candles all of the time at Back Home Again in Lititz and Blue Dandelion by Tiffany, on the square in Strasburg.

Sherry, Hope all is well with you. When I nap during the day it usually means I'm not quite up to full speed. However, since being sick over the summer my eyes have been opened up to the beauty of a daytime snooze.

Doris, For years I loved to shop and bring home bargains. But I'm not great at getting rid of things so until I master the purging thing we are out of room for more. :-) It could happen as our nest empties....we'll see. I know I can enjoy shopping but only when I have the freedom to make purchases. I'm not a great window shopper.

Deanna Rabe said...

You look great in those blues!

Have a great week!

Charm and Grace said...

Kindred spirit here... not a shopper, but like you appreciate a good sale especially when I need something. So sorry about your ailments and your m-i-l's broken bones! Horses are great when they cooperate, but their tonnage makes it really bad when they don't. Eeeek. Glad to hear of the good service from your container supplier... refreshing these days!

Blessings and happy Thanksgiving,