Monday, June 8, 2015

Something Has Happened to Me

I've apparently had a pretty serious change in food likes.

A little more than a year ago I took a class in healthy eating.
Clean eating.

You'll probably remember me chatting here about it.
Fresh from the farm.
Healthy fats that are great for our bodies.

That began the change.
Some things stuck and others have fallen by the wayside
due to lack of priority or passion.

I'm still drinking Creamline milk 
from our local dairy.
It is Pasteurized but not Homogenized.
I just feel better with this choice over raw milk.
I know I'm not getting the great nutrients 
that would be whole in the raw milk but at least the milk
hasn't been modified to a cellular level that keeps the 
body from recognizing it as milk.
It also isn't stuffed with salt and sugar 
that are in the low fat milks.

Sugar has become an occasional treat
rather than a way of life.
I'll probably never, ever get rid of it entirely...
although that would be for the best.

Raw Honey is a staple around here now.
I have a source for cinnamon cream honey and 
vanilla honey with a very real bean in it 
that scares people when they see it.
Of course they think there is an uninvited guest
in the jar.
Tonight we had cinnamon honey and butter
on cooked carrots.
They were a big hit!

White flour is an almost never.
This past weekend I "indulged" in a cheese steak from 
a local dive that is famous for them.
I was so sure that I was going to LOVE it.
I didn't.
It was ok...but the bread had no flavor.
In years past sub rolls had been my favorite.
My "poor" tastebuds don't know what is good anymore.

Sunday I went to Subway to grab our "brown bag" lunch
to eat at church with our spiritual family.
I found myself being so excited at the prospect of guacamole
on the chopped salad.
When did that happen?
That I would learn to not only tolerate but truly anticipate and 
enjoy avocados in any form?  

Well, it turns out that I needed more of that kind of
goodness today because Chelsea and I had a lunch date
at Panera Bread before she was going to meet up with Chadd
to do some errands this afternoon.
What did I just have to have?
The chicken and Avocado Cobb salad.
Those delicious chunks of avocado 
were better than ever.
It has become a favorite.
I've been thinking about it ever since.

All is not lost.
Chelsea made strawberry shortcake for us last evening
and it tasted so amazing!
Dessert is not over nor has it lost its appeal.
But it tastes so much better when it is fresh and 
occasional rather than just another sweet thing
among many in my day.

This is not really about losing weight.
Although I don't want to put back what has come off
and I'll gladly keep saying goodbye to pounds who feel 
unwelcome here.
This is about cleaning out a liver and a body that
has spent many many years filtering harmful chemicals
and sugars from what I have put in it.

What amazes me is how nearly painless it is when 
one has knowledge and makes decisions based on 
health rather than vanity.
I'm simply not that vain. 
Be that good or bad.
It is truth.

I've been there.
It wasn't that great.

So, I guess the point of this entire post is that I'm amazed
at how our desires and tastes can truly be changed
when we do something consistently over time.

Who'd-a-thunk it!

Can't wait to find out what the next discoveries and 
changes will be.
I'm officially not too old to change.


Terra said...

It sounds like you and I are eating in a similar way; healthy is the way to eat. We stay away from sugar and white flour and white rice at our house.

Simple Home said...

I love avocados! My husband makes a great guacamole dip too, so we have them around here often. Glad to hear you're doing so well with healthy changes. We're trying to do the same, getting out processed and eating fresh :)

Sue Runyon said...

Well done! Thanks for the inspiration.

bananaorangeapple said...

I love this post! It sounds like you are eating in a healthy way without being in bondage to some whacko diet.
I have to admit I read the THM book from cover to cover and decided it would end in me becoming neurotic - it's way too complicated and like living under the law for my tastes. Plus I'm a vegetarian and proud of it!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I could't agree more!

So happy for you, and me.


Vee said...

Very interesting post! We have no dairy such as you have...wish we did! You have been looking great! Glad that you are feeling good, too!

Vickie said...

Hi Becky - looks like you've been busy eating well! I take it in spurts sometimes - we do have a fresh dairy close by so I buy their yogurt, kefir (sometimes) and raw milk. It's been wonderful. I sure miss my garden for fresh veggies right out of the garden in back of my house. I've got to get down to the Farmer's Market soon!

So you have a girl wedding, too! Wow - the girls are so much more costly than getting our boys married off! So many little details. Girls just need more "stuff" than guys do - any not just in weddings - it's every day with them!

Thanks for your visit! Good to see blog friends again! I've missed it!

Theresa said...

We can make anything a habit if we just stick with it:) Enjoy your weekend dear friend, HUGS!