Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Full and Delightful Day

Sometimes a minor frustration leads to a new discovery.
This was the second time we ladies from church were planning
a tea together when the tea house we love was already booked
and we weren't able to go there.

However, our friend Deanna, who was making reservations for our group,
knew about this tea room on the Pennsylvania/Maryland border.
Seeing it from the outside you wouldn't really think it was going to be
as special inside as we found it to be.
Large rooms with high ceilings and fantastic woodwork
really grabbed my attention.

I didn't get photos of it but they also had very vintage looking wall paper
in the entry area and lots of white trim and doors.
Makes one feel as if they have just stepped into a 
Grace Livingston Hill story.

Upstairs is this fun tea room for kids.
There are clothes for dress up all ready in the closet
and this fun mural on the wall.

In the hallway this little pop of color.
Just for fun.

 I think we all greatly enjoyed our time together.
Of course we missed many friends who just couldn't make it today.
It is always a blessing to take time to connect and encourage
each other in fellowship.

This evening we headed out to an event we thought
might have to be cancelled due to weather.
We are getting big storms as I write this.....but the organizers
of this event were praying like crazy that the rain would
hold off for their fundraiser lawn party at 
Green Meadow Farm.

They had tents set up because it surely seemed that 
avoiding rain was a not likely.

The rain went to the North and South of us.
Totally cool to see on the radar. 
We were left with a very cooling wind.
Not a drop of rain until we were headed 
for our cars at the end of the evening.
Such a blessing.
So much work had gone into this event.

I'm on the periphery as the candle maker/fundraiser helper.
Each person who has been a monthly sponsor this past year...
or signed up to sponsor this year received a strawberry candle 
with a special label.

Such a blessing to be involved at this small level. 
This ministry changes the lives of children.
Many of whom are adopted and have issues to work out
from circumstances that are unique to lack of bonding normally
or finding it hard to communicate their feelings verbally.

Green Meadow provides a program that meets them where they are.
Qualified volunteers assist them in learning how to ride and take care of horses
Chores around the farm are shared by those who are in the program 
but no fees are charged for any of it.
Supporters are vital to the continuation of this amazing ministry.

There was live music of which the husband of one of my friends was a band
member.  An introduction of the horse therapy program by the founders, John and Beckie.
A speech given by a wonderful woman, Kim Meeder, who shared from the 
heart about the power of HOPE.  
Just one flicker of hope can encourage and keep someone going
when all else is lost.
Her own story is one that had many of us in tears.
But God is so good to bring light out of unbelievable darkness.
He is using that story and her willing heart and hands to help so many 
at the ranch she runs today.
Kim has been a very important resource for John and Beckie as they have 
learned about this ministry that God has called them to 

This was a full and very special day.
Happy Sigh.


Theresa said...

What a fun and rewarding way to spend a day:) Enjoy Father's Day dear friend, HUGS!

Vee said...

Delightful time of fellowship...always a tea room, in a field, the sign written on the horse! Your candle design is very special for a special cause, too. Off to learn more about your special speaker.