Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bad Weather Makes for Good Work Days

I have had a struggle with getting around to work when 
the weather is so tempting to be out and about.
Well, that issue has been resolved with 
severe thunderstorms and heavy rain over the past 
24 plus hours.

Yesterday I was a candle making maniac.
Well, not really.
But I did get a bunch done.

Two really cute designs were finished up.


Then there are the more traditional candles that I'm finishing 
up to ship today.
I'm also making candles for my shops again.
They are keeping me much busier this year than last.
A very good thing!!

The end of last week and the weekend were so busy
and fun.
Thursday evening we went to dinner and Sight and Sound with 
Warren's cousins, Aunt and Uncle.

Chelsea was working but still got to see her second cousins.

Poor Georgia had just returned from her big trip to Mexico and Panama
when we told her they were coming that evening.
She said she wouldn't miss it for the world but boy
did she pay for it with exhaustion.
Even so...she was thrilled to get to see everyone.

Friday we picked up a new recliner
purchased for us by our eldest son.
How sweet was that??
The other one was just plain worn out.
Warren is enjoying this new chair a lot!

Saturday we went to visit a dear friend who is in the hospital.
She is going to be o.k. but was dealing with some 
serious stuff.

Sunday we had a blessed worship service and then a picnic
at a local park followed by a birthday celebration
for Rachel Rabe of Creekside Cottage.
You have met Rachel as one of my candle helpers.
She has been looking forward to this 16th birthday
for a very long time!
We are so happy for her.
I've linked to a post her mom did about her birthday.

And then the storms came!
Boy, did they.
The rain remains but it is not in the form of 
severe storms.

Today I will finish up goodies for Fresh Vintage by Amy
and deliver them to the shop.
Irish Moss has been requested specifically 
and as it is one of my favorites I'll enjoy making
them first thing this morning.

Hope you are having a wonderful new week.
Thanks for checking in.


LV said...

You wore me out just reading all you have been doing. You do super job on the candles. They all sound sweet smelling to me.

Vee said...

It's a big old cloud! Glad that you were not tempted to be out in the yard. Sometimes, rainy days mean getting a few things done. I mended all day yesterday.

Theresa said...

Yep, a good thunderstorm will keep me inside doing stuff that needs to be done too:) CUTE candles! Have a blessed and productive day dear friend, HUGS!

Gayla said...

You have been as busy as that cute little bee on the beeday candle! I love that. I'm thinking I'll be ordering an Irish Moss candle. What is the scent of that like? It sounds amazing, and your candles are great.

I'm inside today due to severe T-storms, too, but my cousin and I ducked out in a little interim break to finally get some flowers on some of our family graves. I had already had my son do my dad and grandparents. But we had some aunts and uncles left. e finally had to quit. Too muddy in the cemetery and pouring down.

My son flies to a company meeting tomorrow. Say a little prayer for safe travels, if you will.