Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Making The Best of It!

I know we are all so weary of this insane weather.
Not your regular snowstorms that come and get cleaned up.
This is the winter of  snow, ice, rain....
 rinse and repeat.

However, yesterday our neighbor Ellen sent out an SOS on Facebook.
Their driveway was so bad that she couldn't get down to get salt to 
melt it.  That had both she and her mother-in-law stranded on their big hill.
The men of the house had taken big trucks out early that morning to go to work
and wouldn't be getting back up that hill unless something changed.
She wondered if anyone would be able to get some salt
that she and the kids could put down to try to help the situation.

There was at least a half an inch of ice the entire length of the 
very steep driveway.

Chelsea and I had just been preparing to walk out of our door to 
get some groceries.  Our driveway is also one big sheet of ice 
but it is rather short and flat so we can carefully negotiate it.
I messaged that I would get the salt and be right there.

So I quickly headed to the Agway where Mikey used to work
and found them completely out of the five skids they had started with that morning.
However, after some thought Fred came up with Solar Salt.
Not ideal, but affordable and better than nothing.

It was loaded into the trunk and back I came to let Ellen know to come down 
and get it.
She had promised to find a way down the hill.

Well....here she came!
With her boys to help her deal with the heavy bags.

Would you just look at that great smile on Ellen's face???

She is amazing.

We have been neighbors for 12 years now and I so appreciate her
great attitude through hardships.
We have made parties out of power outages, 
shared Easter egg hunts when the kids were younger, 
Grieved together at lost family members and neighbors, 
cared about each other's kids,
celebrated neighborhood picnics,
laughed together at Fourth of July antics by Mikey
so many other things that come with being friends and neighbors.
I'm sure there are lots more to come.
This is not a boring place to be.

High Five, Friend!
You are a blessing to me....


Theresa said...

Oh friends are one of life's greatest blessings:) Having fun in tough times! HUGS!

Vee said...

Yup! She's making the best of bad situation. Next gift-giving season, give her some ice grips for her boots! Best thing since sliced bread.

Tanza said...

Hello my friend,
You are the sweetest and kindest, and, I am NOT surprised you came to the rescue!!! That is just you ...... love the smiles, and the fun .... neighbors helping neighbors ..... The BeSt xoxo we have sunshine and warmth, come to Cali xoxo
Blessings and love to you <3

Terri Steffes said...

Loved reading about your neighbor. Her attitude is contagious! Vee said something about ice grips, I am going to check those babies out! Miss visiting you on the blog. Do you know that you posted on my very first blog post? Or maybe it was my second. Anyway, that was in 2007. Time sure flies!