Saturday, June 14, 2014

Photo journal of Past Week or So....

Before Johnny (Chelsea's boyfriend) arrived from Denmark
she and I went through the calendar and made up a schedule 
of activities.
On it were things like trips to Theme Parks, Washington DC, 
New York City, Mini Golf, Longwood Gardens, The Truth Project and more.

We filled June and July pretty full.

Of course because it is fairly close and because we have season 
passes we head to Longwood Gardens fairly often.
We don't need many excuses...
just a good weather day and time on the schedule.

Such was the day when the following photos were taken.

 Most of the time these guys are pretty tame -
but every now and then.....

One Saturday we headed to a local Zoo.
The Plumpton Zoo in Maryland.
While it was kind of warm we still enjoyed ourselves
quite a lot.

Monday and Tuesday of this past week found us in 
Virginia and Washington D.C.

Chelsea is up here somewhere...

Johnny is smart like me.
He dislikes any fast or high ride.
Warren and Chelsea are a bit on the wild side
and where possible push the limits.

This ride was extreme.
Chelsea actually blacked out on it.
I knew there was a reason I didn't like these things.

 It is called the Intimidator after 
Dale Earnhardt.

 The car was there to entertain folks like me who wait for their fearless riders to 
finish the ride.

Johnny and Warren bonded while driving go-carts. 
They had so much fun!
 The course was all theirs!

You may remember the clouds from the earlier photo?
Well, by the end of the day they had gone 
and it was beautiful.

Of course we had to get some cute 
couple pics while we were in front of the 
pretty fountains.

 Shortly after this another couple, 
unknown to me, 
came up and asked me to take their photo.
That was kind of fun.
Hope they turned out ok.

After spending the night at my Aunt and Uncle's home....
appreciating their wonderful hospitality.....
we headed to Washington D.C.

It was a stormy day and so our phones went off alerting us to flash flood warnings
just before the heavens opened with dramatic downpours as we approached the Botanic Gardens
which were our first stop.

After a short delay spent in the car the rain slowed enough
for us to head into the Conservatory.

 I had never been to these gardens.
While it is obvious that it is not a commercial venture
we still enjoyed them quite a lot.

Finding this peace and beauty in the middle of such a 
busy city is a very good thing.

 What you cannot tell from the pictures is how thick the air was.
Yikes...grab a straw and drink the air...
it was nearly that bad.

 We had made a prior trip to DC to pick up Johnny in January but the weather 
was frigid then.  And I do mean it was 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
So, this was the extreme opposite.
Hot and Humid.
 Nonetheless, Johnny got to see everything on his list for this day.
He and Chelsea ended up walking all afternoon while Warren and I 
sought parking.  About two hours straight of circling around and around.

 It was while we were trying to find parking near the White House that we ended up 
having a very front row seat for the Presidential Motorcade.
Partway through an intersection we were stopped by a motorcycle officer, 
who was the first of about ten....and then two limos and a few SUV's went 
speeding right in front of us.
I do mean RIGHT in front of us.
We had eye contact.
I am sure I saw the President.
I thought so even before I saw an article verifying that it was indeed 
his motorcade.

 Let me just tell you how amazing our Heavenly Father is.
My body was not handling the second day of heat and car time very well.
My legs were very swollen...and so it was actually very good for me not to have
been out there walking in the extreme heat and humidity all afternoon.
Even so, we worried about how we would ever find Chelsea and Johnny and they 
us without being able to park.

Well, I had, at the last minute handed Chelsea my phone
when I thought we were going to meet them at the Washington Monument
momentarily and so hours later after quick phone calls to tell them to 
go on to the next site we were about to try to figure out how to 
meet them when she said, 
"Wait!  I see you!"
And sure enough...there they were. 
We were stopped at a stop sign and they hopped in.
So amazing!!

They were so hot and thirsty...
but they had enjoyed their afternoon so much!

We went through Chinatown on our way
out of DC.
Loved this archway.

 I probably don't need to say anything about this.
You may know that "we" love Starbucks.

All of these photos are meant to help you understand that we are keeping 
quite busy this summer and are having a ball while we are at it.
I need to head out now to attend 
Witness 2014, which is a free Christian Music Festival in our 
nearest town of Quarryville.

It is a bit chilly but that works for me.
So much better than sweating, right??


bananaorangeapple said...

Great photos!

Vee said...

Busy times! Fun times! Loved the "I see you" story. A God wink if ever there was one!