Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fun Times....Growing Times - Week One with Johnny

 Brandywine River Museum
Inspiration in the form of a sculpture.
This fun ended in a hug. :-)
I don't quite think they captured the "spirit" of 
this piece.

The graceful walkway at the museum.

 Johnny's first full day back with us.
We took him to Turkey Point in 
North East, Maryland.

 I love the sailboat in the background.  
In the next photo (not shown) it was on Johnny's other shoulder.  

 I took some lying selfies the other day.
The intention was to do a "before" photo as a friend
was giving me highlights that day.
I never got to the afters....
surprise, surprise.

 White roses led Chelsea to a waiting Johnny and the surprise of 
his arrival one day sooner than she expected.

 Sunday was a beautiful day for Susquehannock Park.
The walk to the lookout was easy and the weather 
was so pleasant.

 Then we were off to a horse rescue.
Georgia volunteers here.

 Of course, as with most farms, we found more than just horses
at Noble Hill Horse Rescue....


T-Bone picked Johnny. 
Isn't it a cute "family" photo?
When you know that neither Chelsea or Johnny are dog people
this is truly funny.

We've had a "few" cups of coffee.....
This one at Cafe One Eight.

 And a quick stop at Longwood Gardens completed the day 
I first told you about with the first photos.
These events were not presented in order of occurance
but that is less important than the sharing of the fullness of 
this past week and the beauty we captured.

We are so blessed to live in a world that God has filled with 
glorious sites, precious animals and delightful people.

Thanks for stopping by.


Vee said...

Nice to find you here. Wonderful photos sharing joy...well, except for the wariness around T-bone who looks as if he could enjoy a t-bone, and I loved your photo, too. It's never too late to get that next photo!

Lorrie Esposito said...

How did my cat Whiskers and chicken Spreckles find their way into your pics? LOL, thanks for sharing your travels and adventure. I feel like I've gone on a little trip myself :-)

Lorrie Esposito said...

How did my cat Whiskers and chicken Spreckles get into your pics? LOL, I enjoy the pics of your travel and adventures. I feel like I've went on a little trip myself.

sammysgrammy said...

Looking at Chelsea and Johnny just makes me tear up.