Monday, May 12, 2014

Hello....Spring has Come!!

 We have had a delightful but crazy busy couple of weeks since returning home
from North Carolina.  The first week back was all about preparing for our Pastor's wedding.
He and Jenny got married on Sunday, May 4th with a very wonderful showing of people
who loved them and wanted to help them celebrate.
We fit about 130 people in our smallish sanctuary and fellowship area.
Trust me when I say....
we were at capacity.
But everyone fit in and a marvelous time was had.

Mother's Day was wonderful yesterday.
It is a new experience to have "new family members".
But, you know, I really, really love it.
Mikey brought Emily over for lunch.  We had a picnic on the deck.
The day before Johnny had been in contact from Denmark wishing me a special day.
Jonathan, Michael and Chelsea blessed me in various ways
as they made a point of showing me their appreciation
for know.
Giving birth to them...and all of that.

This evening we had a bit of rain and after the sun came back out
our dogs wanted to go out and explore.
We found a visitor.
This dog visits whenever it gets the chance.
Initially our girls are never happy about it but they finally agree
to get along.

I revisited an old past time.
That of wandering with camera in hand and snapping
photos of random flowers, plants and trees in the yard.

Thankfully Chelsea has provided me with some new opportunities
this Spring.  She has been planting like crazy.
I buy her plants and she preps flower beds or pots and
makes them quite happy.

What a blessing this has been.
It keeps her busy while she waits for Johnny to return 
for the summer.
He comes next week.
We are very ready to have him back with us again.

We were happy to find this unique color at Cherry Hill Orchard.
The only thing that kind of bothers me about them is that while up 
close they are dynamic and very cool, 
from a distance they look kind of dead. 
Didn't think of that.
But I think that once the greens get going in the basket
they will be great even from a distance.

It is so good to see our trees have survived the horrible abuse they took
during the ice storm that did so very much damage.
We found a stick impaled into our deck furniture.
Just buried in and broken off.
We will never forget that day as we stood and listened to what 
sounded like warfare all around us.
It was terrifying and sad to watch our neighbors trees 
fall one after another into their yard.

However, even after the storm and all that it did 
in damage you can see that life is resilient.
It comes back.

 Dogwood - 2014

 I do love this tree.....

In a winter that seemed it would never end I found myself 
wanting to curl up in a fetal position with my thumb in my mouth 
for the first time ever in my life.
I felt totally out of control.
And I didn't like it.

Weather has a way of reminding us 
that our concept of control
is a deception.

The sooner we realize and surrender to the ONE 
who truly does control everything 
the better.


Carol Z said...

What wonderful pictures. Glad you had a great day!

Vee said...

It was certainly a long, long winter. I am very happy that spring has arrived. What fun to have new "almost family" members added to the mix. God knows when it is time to add more to the stew, the soup, the mix, the dessert. =D

Beautiful photos, Becky! Keep taking them.

Vickie said...

Hi Becky! Thanks for your visit! Wow, I need to get Chelsea to come work on my flowers! She's doing an awesome job and I think that girl's def got a green thumb! Amazingly, Texas has had a weird spring, too - just this week, the night time temps dipped into the 40's! That's just unheard of - the weatherman said "unseasonably" and probably set some records in some areas. Hope that doesn't mean a blistering summer... I enjoyed your beach pictures, too - a very nice get-away!

Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures:) I find myself outside snapping picture of the stems, the buds and the blooms! Love my flowers and YOURS are gorgeous! Enjoy your evening dear friend, BIG HUGS!