Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Forgive the Post that Reads Like a Christmas Letter and Bears No Photos....

Hello!  I am still alive and kickin'.  Life is a rapidly changing force that is hard to keep up with....but I'm hanging on.  Personally I have been swamped with candle orders for baby shower favors.  This makes my entrepreneurial self happy.  Today, though, I discovered that I had run out of baby powder fragrance oil.  Good grief!  That means I've gone through three pounds in a very short amount of time.  So....I'm going to have to wait a couple of days until that gets here to finish the orders which require that scent.  But have no fear.  I have enough to keep me busy with requests for french lavender, citrus, vanilla and more.

Chelsea is busy working two jobs at the moment.  That, preparing to take voice lessons, studying business and keeping in touch with Johnny (in Denmark) fill her days to the brim.  We are all eagerly awaiting Johnny's return for the Summer at the end of May.  He is definitely a favorite around here....and not just with Chelsea.  Leaving him at the airport a couple of weeks ago was tough on Warren and I as well.  Yesterday Jonathan mentioned that he will be glad to see him again because he likes him a lot.  Michael gave him a hug on his last day here and told him that he doesn't have to sleep with one eye open any longer.  Ha.  The guy definitely had a lot to get through here with two brothers and a loving daddy.  Trust Chelsea to pick someone that we all like.  She is such an overachiever.  (wink)

Mikey is preparing for a late Summer wedding.  Until last evening it was an early Fall wedding.  However, the location they want for the wedding can fit them in much better in August.  So....August it will be!  It will be a rather smallish event due to the location but it will be special.    Mikey is ready to be a husband.  Boy does that sound strange....but it is true and he has matured so much in the last couple of years.  It is nice to see him as a man.  Emily is such a beautiful person and we are thrilled to bring her into our family.  They are just so perfect for each other.

Jonathan has a birthday this week.  He is turning 23.  Wowsa!  That is so hard to comprehend.  We were talking about it yesterday and he was surprised that he doesn't feel different somehow.  I told him that it is normal to not really feel your age.  I reminded him of our friend, Margie, who at 90 couldn't believe it was her staring back from the mirror since she still felt 30 on the inside.  But, even having said that, we have seen much growth and maturity in Jonathan and are so proud of him.  He has had a very, very hard year on many levels but remains such a tender and caring young man.  We love him so much!
We are so happy that the injections on his back seem to have helped him so much.  What a relief!!
Now we just have to get his vehicle back on the road.  The engine froze up on him on a drive home one morning so we are in search of a new vehicle or engine to give him his much wanted freedom back.  You know how that is...once you've had it.   As it goes, though,  this was a pretty good winter to carpool whenever possible with all of the crazy weather.  How convenient that they all work at the same place....right?

Warren is trying to recover from the stress of launching a new show, Moses, within the past month or so.  This was one of the hardest builds for them.  Maybe the hardest since In the Beginning when his father was so ill and passed away.  I have to say that the stress and struggles in building this show were worthwhile because Moses is selling tickets like crazy and it is amazing. All praise to Jesus for what He will do through the retelling of this biography.

As I mentioned in my last post Warren and I celebrated our 25th anniversary and are looking forward to a week away together to celebrate.  A week of quiet (we hope) and rest with lots of time to absorb all of the changes coming our way.  I'll not tell you here and now when and where we are headed but there will be sandy beaches involved.  A very large body of water to stare endlessly at and shells to discover.  Yep!  We are looking forward to that!  My Kindle will be loaded with plenty of books for all of the hours Warren spends snoozing in order to catch up on months of little sleep. Oooh, I do love to read.  And the world of books lives right there "in the Kindle".  Addictive!!

This reads like one of those Christmas letters.  Sorry.  But there you have it.  Documentation for my perusal later and a bit of news for at least one of you who has been asking.

Have a lovely day.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Isn't it amazing when you get to this stage in life? Lots of changes, good ones!, but changes nontheless!
I like it!

Where is Chelsea taking voice lessons? Sarah is interested in that, as well.


Vee said...

Well I was about to gather in grands when I first read this so I'm back to leave a quick comment because, next thing, I must get supper on the table. Lots of big changes and exciting times and how wonderful to be enjoying them. God is good. Yay for the candle business gojng strong! Hang in there everybody! It's going to be a great spring and even better summer!

Karen said...

Aw, thanks-I feel like you wrote a post just for me! And I loved it!

I'm so happy to hear what's going on with you and yours. Lots of changes, but at least there are lots of GOOD changes.

Ya know, the Great Lakes are large bodies of water you could sit and stare at. Not sure how many shells you'd find, but would it really matter? Just give us another 4-5 months and I'm quite sure the ice will be gone and you can enjoy the beaches here. ;-)