Friday, January 18, 2013


There are eyes looking at me.
Big brown puppy dog eyes.
Bandit wants attention.
A scritch.
A scratch.

Ahhhh....she knows the drill.
Keys are tapping, tapping and she gives up.
Over to the afghan covered blue chair.
The softness of the crocheted yarn will have to 
take the place of my attention for now.

It feels cold on my part.
To ignore her so.

Not giving in.

Bandit would let me pet and scratch her
all day every day.
She'd pretty much demand it if she could.

Now that I think of it, 
if I had someone at my disposal 24 -7
to give me a back rub I might just 
get to liking that too.

Another dog has snuggled up close.
Back turned to me for easy access.
Feel free to pet me she says.
I'm pretty well ignoring her too.
But the warmth of her body is pretty welcome 
on this blustery morning.

She lays down.
Settling in for a nap.

The bummer for her is that I have to get up 
in just a moment.
Time to get dressed.
Time to walk......
out there in that cold, cold air.

Now do you see why I haven't been posting.
I have nothing to say.
Well, nothing that anyone really wants to read
We found a very, very funny birthday card this week.
I can't share it....
Apparently more than half of America
wouldn't find it amusing.

The biggest excitement here right now is
that I have made my candle labels waterproof!

I really hope that doesn't rock your world.
Hoping you have more on your excitement meter than I do.

Chelsea continues to prepare to leave in July.
Items continue to be checked off her list.

Jonathan continues to work as a security guard at 
our favorite theater.

Mikey has been cleaning and counting light fixtures
by the hundreds(?) during changeover from Jonah 
to Noah.  
He is ready for Noah to begin so he can go back to 
doing what he loves....
moving sets here and there multiple times a day.

Warren is beginning to feel the pressure of 
changeover and a new show in the works.
I'm pretty sure he enjoys it.

Our van is at the garage for a major 
repair.  One that originally was supposed to 
cost more than $3,400.  
But now has been brought down to 
around $800.
I would have gulped at that if we hadn't heard 
the larger number first.

I'm slowly chipping away at my many projects
and cleaning this much neglected house.
I'm developing strategies for the best use of space
when I move my shop downstairs.
Neither Warren or I are willing to just throw 
stuff down there and call it done.
It means too much.
This must be done with much thought and care.

Georgia has had her second cataract surgery.
It went well.
We are collectively breathing a sigh of relief
to have these procedures in the rear view mirror.

Mom is enjoying her time between 
shows at the theater.
She loves working but she also enjoys
opportunities to see family and friends
who live in other states when she gets the mandatory time off.

Coming up next week we will begin 
a neighborhood game night. 
I'm looking forward to time with some
old neighbors and some new ones too.

Life continues to click down the track....
the clicks come faster and faster.
Have you noticed?
Perhaps it was driven home this week when 
a very good friend lost her father suddenly.
Angel has joined the group that no one really wants to join.
Those who have said good-bye to their daddies.
It happens.
We know.
But it is a place that you really can't understand
unless and until you have walked the road.

My heart breaks for the pain and sadness 
still ahead of her.
I rejoice with her for their closeness
and for all of the memories she has to enjoy.

If you have not yet joined this club.....
reach out and tell your dad how much he means to you.
Maybe words aren't your way....
but make him his favorite treat
or wrap him up in a bear hug.

The train is clearly clicking on the track
and you don't want to regret a moment
of missed opportunity.


Vee said...

Oh you have plenty to chat about! Are you kidding?

And I am thrilled that your new labels will be waterproof. It will make a huge difference. Huge! =D

PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Wish I was there! Your home was a wonderful place to visit (cant wait to come again) and I would volunteer to scratch some warm puppy tummies on this cold blustery day!

Theresa said...

I am a member of that club and I told him until he was no longer with me JUST how much I loved him:) The train is clicking down the track WAY to fast to suit me! Enjoy each day, each moment... that's what I try really hard to do! HUGS!

krafterskorner said...

I'm looking forward to teaching again next week! :)
Sounds to me like you have plenty to do though.

Lorrie Esposito said...

A beautiful post Becky. I don't like being in the club but am grateful for the good memories.

MYSAVIOR said...

You have so much to do!

I joined that club in 1981 when my father died suddenly at age 56. A part of us goes with them.

I am grateful that the Lord has seen fit to allow me to have my mom still, who will be 90 in June.

I know from experience that Angel is still in shock but that will wear off soon. :o(


Sara WormeWoole said...

beautiful post, dear.

The REAL EverSewSweet said...

Oh, Becky. You have nothing to say? Then why are there tears in my eyes?

Mrs.Rabe said...

Yay, a ponder-y post!

I'm so sorry for your friend. Big loss in her life.

Your puppies are NOT neglected - don't let them guilt you!

We should do lunch soon and catch up!

I must get my bedroom finished now, so I am off!

NellywithWings said...

Becky, thanks for your post. I have walked that road. It is never the right time even if we know it must happen. Your post made me weep, but I am grateful to have had a daddy to remember today.

bananaorangeapple said...

Very beautifully said

bananaorangeapple said...

A very thoughtful post. I want to know what was funny about the card though..

Cheryl said...

Put in a little plug for your Etsy shop in my post this evening, "Candle Talk." Mmmmm...we are really loving the hot chocolate candle!