Saturday, January 26, 2013

One Reason I've been MIA

I've been hard at work doing an overhaul of my 
candle labels.
It may seem like a small thing...
but it is not.

If you
you'll see a peek into what is involved 
in making this change.

It is slowing me down in many ways
but the benefits definitely outweigh the 
frustrations of the delay.

Can't wait to see if it improves
sales for my retail shops.

Hoping that the new labels are more 
attention getting with their brighter 
colors and crisper 


Vee said...

It is going to make a difference in sales most definitely. Thank you for all the hard work in making the switch. (For one thing, I love to be able to wipe off my candles and this is going to keep the label from smearing. Yay!)

Carol Z said...

This looks great! Missed seeing your posts, but definitely a terrific result.

JD said...

I'm sure all your effort (and detective will be worth it. Your labels look really nice, (as all your photography does) Hope you have a good weekend, Keep warm...Blessings, Jill

Theresa said...

Beautiful change:). Enjoy your weekend dear Becky!!!

Elena said...

Love your new labels! They are beautiful.