Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Delightfully Beautiful Day

So, you see the new header?
It shows snow.
We don't have any.
It is in the 50's today and is 
supposed to get to 60 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow. celebration of this delightfully warm weather
I am going to post some of my favorite summer photos.

We will have cold and snowy days again soon.
But in the meantime I am very thankful for
the beauty of this day.

It has been a bit of a challenging week with our 
vehicles.  Each one in its own way.....
but God is good and we are just fine.

We give thanks for the protection on a friend
who was in a horrible accident this week when she 
was rear ended and shoved into the opposing lane
where she was hit again and pushed off the road.
I looked at her yesterday and had to just praise our 
Heavenly Father for sparing her from worse injuries
than the severe bruises and whiplash she 
is currently recovering from.

I am praying today as our friend, Susanna, returns
from Eastern Europe where she spent time with Tommy.
She did not have a lot of time to blog but 
seeing the short video she was able to post and 
the few other photos show a much better situation 
than she found on her last visit.

This week also brought the opportunity to attend
the funeral of a neighbor's mother.
Judy has been such a great friend to us and our Chelsea.
It meant a lot to be able to be with her during 
this special service.
It was the kind of service that made you really 
wish you had known the person being remembered.
While I had met Judy's mom I didn't know her.
I regret that.
What a lovely lady I missed knowing.
I'm so glad that Ellen, Logan and I were able to 
go and that Georgia was willing to loan us 
her car for the lengthy drive to the funeral.

In a week or so I think we will have all of the 
vehicles functioning at a pretty good level again.
Chelsea's is o.k. now that it has been inspected.
Warren's Miata seems fine.
But the Buick and our Van are both wonky once.  
Warren is taking care of the Buick's biggest issues today.
We think.

In the big scheme of things we are doing great!

I made a resolution this year to 
be a better 

It is way too easy to see the daily stuff as 
so important that we are just too busy 
to step out there and invite a friend to coffee...
or drive a ways to a funeral...
or send a little note that just reminds someone that 
you are thinking of them.

I am attempting to be purposeful in being
in touch with those who have meant 
so much to me over the years.

Whether it is YOU....
our Moms...
my daughter....
my extended family whom Facebook has reunited...
friends at church....
the Barrista with the gruff exterior at our 
local St*rbucks....
a lonely stranger that God places 
in my path.

I want to be His hands and feet.
To share His love.
To fellowship.
To pray.
To laugh.

May He help me
this year
to be
that kind of a friend.


Vee said...

I can not imagine that you have ever not been a friend or friendly. I am certain that Judy found your support at this time a precious thing.

Oh what a lovely little dip you folks are taking into spring. It's even warming up here. We're just not getting all the benefits as it is also raining.

Vehicles...they catch communicable diseases as they do tend to all go at once.

A d-lightful day to you!

Theresa said...

Lots of emotions in this post! First of all, I am sorry for the loss of your Friend's Mother and I am glad that you were able to attend the funeral! Praise God for the safety of the friend in the accident, it could have turned out much differently! Hope your vehicle situation gets fixed, that is SO frustrating:) You are a friend to me and I am thankful for your friendship! Enjoy your weekend, HUGS!

Pam Rios said...

What vividly beautiful colors! I'm sure your friends living in cold northern states will appreciate the warmth these flowers bring. so pretty!

Elena said...

Such a beautiful post Becky!! I loved your summer photos too :)

Carol Z said...

Thanks for your sweet note. I am so glad we've met along the blogging journey. I am working on being a good friend, too, this year. Spend yesterday with my dear friend from the fifth grade, and even though we're only 100 miles away months can go by and we don't see each other. We both agreed that it's a priority for both of us and are aiming at more frequent times together. Have a blessed Sunday!

Susy said...

Thank you for sharing your garden photos ~ so cheery and hopeful of warmer days to come. We all need bright spots in our days, and I'm sure that's what your friendship is to many. Blessings~