Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sorry Facebook Friends

I'm going to repeat myself.
Those of you who are friends on Facebook
have already seen my two exciting things from yesterday.
But, my "bloggy only"  friends should not miss 
out on the fun.

Ever since my friends, The Rabes, 
purchased their own little, (petite, adorable, mini),
o.k. enough with the adjectives....
in downtown Lancaster
I have loved their taste in merchandise.

One day at their home Lindsay modeled
a bag for me that she said would be just perfect for 
carrying my laptop.
It was love at first sight.
That was months ago.

In the meantime we started selling
my candles in this adorable shoppe.
I made the determination that as long as there
were items on my wish list from 
Fab Fashion
I would use candle money made there to buy them.

Yesterday I got to make my first purchase.
It is this adorable bag.

I can slide my laptop,
Kindle, Phone and Papers
right in and my office goes wherever I go.
Pretty awesome.

Can you tell I don't buy many things 
for myself?

I also had the opportunity to fill these 
adorable tea cups yesterday.
This may not seem like a big deal to you
but they have been on my "to do" list
for a while.
The tea cups are very delicate.
Made in Japan.

I was so happy with how the colors
worked together.
The fragrance is Spearmint Eucalyptus.

I had given up filling tea cups because 
no one really wanted to buy them.
At craft shows people ooh and ahhhh.....
and then they walk away
or buy a jar candle.
However,  one of my Etsy friends has encouraged me 
to begin again.

So, if these don't sell on Etsy or 
at the craft show this next weekend
I will enjoy them.

This post seems a bit fluffy 
after yesterday's post.
But, you know, 
God made beauty.
He wants us to be productive 
and being organized helps with that.
Taking care of the things He has provided us
is a very good thing.

Therefore, I declare this post to be not fluffy.
(She says with a twinkle in her eye)
I declare it a post of thanksgiving for all 
He  provides.
He is soooo good!



Vee said...

Those candles are very pretty...a perfect color complement. Perhaps some fear that they are getting more tea cup than candle. How lovely these would be for a centerpiece at a tea!

Very nice bag...very looks businesslike and sophisticated. That it carries everything is a great big bonus. You deserve and even need pretty things, Becky. Never forget that...

Mrs.Rabe said...

I am happy that you love the bag! It is so great for what you are using it for!


jAne said...

that's a *very* nice looking bag. classic.

your tea cup candles are lovely and i'm sure they'll sell well. :)

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Your teacup candles are lovely! If I was in your area, I would definitely buy one! Love the colour.


Karen said...

Love that bag! Great idea to pamper yourself a little with your proceeds from the shoppe. Painless way to get some pretties, right?

I, too, love your teacup candles. Sometimes it's just not the right audience...or time...or something...

BTW-we were discussing candle sales yesterday for quiz. I need to call/email you about a good time frame for you. I really regret we didn't get moving on them sooner as now I'm afraid we'll end up having to have them shipped instead of doing a pick up. We'll see. Let me know if there's a particular time frame you'd prefer and I'll pass that on.

SmilingSally said...

Isn't it odd how we ladies feel a tad guilty whenever we treat ourselves?

I do love the tea cup candles. So delicate.