Friday, November 2, 2012

For The Love of Tommy and the Others

I didn't see it coming.
The amazing response for Tommy candles.

I had hoped, of course,
that we might raise a couple of hundred dollars.
things have happened 
that I did not anticipate.

Readers sent money
and didn't want me to spend one penny of it 
on candle wax or jars.
"Just give them the money, please."

Others ordered Tommy candles in bulk.

Sometimes it was just one or two.

I've even been approached about purchasing
12 ounce jelly jar candles 
with the proceeds going to 

Of course!

At the latest count 
more than 230 candles have been sold.

The ladies at the post office and I have 
bonded every day....
except for the day of the hurricane.

Not only have we bonded but now they 
are sharing the story.
One clerk was asking me to verify details 
for her again as she was trying to tell 
others what was going on.

God must really love Tommy.
Because He is spreading the word.

Please understand, 
our money is a good thing.
But even more powerful is every opportunity
to share about the things God is doing 
in that Eastern European Orphanage.

As I write this big changes are 
happening within the walls of a former
house of suffering.
Children are now being fed.
Diapers are being changed.
Children are just beginning to thrive.

the best thing in the world would be if we could 
just get them all out of there and into loving
But, God is on that too.
More and more families are finding these
little ones.

I read the blogs of two of these families 
regularly.  It is interesting to see the impact
of bringing these children home.
There is a commitment that is to be admired.
There are also challenges to work through.

The story does not end when the families walk out the 
doors of that orphanage.
In reality it has just begun.
These children have to learn how to accept love.
How to give love.
How to recognize their own family members
as uniquely theirs.

I am struck by the differences in 
these families.
The parental personalities. 
And how God has chosen
children with very differing needs
to match up with those personalities.
Pretty amazing.

The hardest thing in the real life of being the 
friend of the family is knowing that as much 
as I would want to connect with one brought 
home I must wait.

And wait.

At times it feels uncaring.
Watching a Mama put her own lunch to the side
for hours as she teaches her young one
how to eat.
It would be so easy to jump in and 
offer to help.
But this would be detrimental to the 
learning process.
That sacrifice is one the Mama wants to make.
One that she needs to make.
She must be the one to meet the needs of 
this darling daughter, every time,  for a long time.
Long enough that it is very clear that 
this Mommy and Daddy are hers.
That they are not going away.

as a "doer" 
what is one supposed to do?


For more information about 
adoption in Eastern Europe
I encourage you to get lost in either 
of these blogs.

A family in Alaska who adopted two children
with no obvious physical challenges.
Their emotional and bonding issues are very real.

Our friends here in Lancaster County
who fell head over heels in love with two 
children with serious medical needs.
One we have met.
One we very much look forward to meeting.

Thank, so much, for bearing with this very long post.
My heart is full to overflowing at the evidence
of God's love for those 
that others just wanted to 
throw away.

Life is so precious.

Every life.




Lorrie Esposito said...

Thanks for sharing this story Becky. What a blessing to have the candle sales and donations coming in for this deserving family.

bananaorangeapple said...

Thanks for making all those candles! Each one is spreading the word like a light in the darkness

PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise Him all creatures here below, praise Him above ye heavenly host, praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

Vee said...

You are doing God's work, Becky! God most certainly does love Tommy and all the Tommies out there.

On a side note completely...gosh, you're looking fantastic. =D

The REAL EverSewSweet said...

Becky, the scripture on the label is perfect. You are such a blessing to Tommy the way you are spreading the word and the Word.

sacra vim said...

Ohhh, Becky! Thank you so much! I appreciate your understanding and advocacy more than I can say!

Elena said...

What a blessing to read your post and see God work!!

Susanna said...

Becky, I am in awe and thanking God for your open heart and willing hands. I'm sharing this in today's blog post. Love you, friend!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post this was....Praise the Lord!!!