Monday, November 26, 2012

A Delightful Thanksgiving and Beyond.....

One of the best things about blogging is the relationships.
Those that are new, those that are old
and those that are renewed.

My younger cousin, PJ, is also a blogger
and she and I have reconnected after 
years of going separate ways due to age difference, 
geographic distance and life in general.

It is so awesome to get to know the young
lady that PJ has become.
She is vibrant, full of life
and confident.

She and her husband, Tim, came to spend
Thanksgiving with us this year.
Can I just insert a little yum in here.
We had a delicious Thanksgiving Day Dinner.

Friday found PJ and I out and about Lancaster County.
We carefully avoided the Black Friday shoppers
as we enjoyed lunch with another blogger,
Mrs. Rabe, who happens to be a real life
friend of mine and a bloggy friend of PJ's.

PJ and I visited a couple of antique stores
and then a very large thrift shop
in New Holland.
It was there that we found our goodies.
Mine were all containers for candle making
while PJ picked up a very vintage working
food scale at a great price.
Her happiness was catching.

On Saturday evening we took 
Tim and PJ to see Jonah
at Sight and Sound Theater.

PJ is involved in her local theater
through both acting and costuming.
She was 
thrilled to see the show.
Warren and I had fun too.
Of course every time I see Jonah
I notice more depth in the story.
Who wouldn't relate to Jonah's desire to 
see his enemies destroyed?

Isn't it great that God put 
these examples out there for us?
Jonah was a prophet of God
and even so was very flawed.

God loved him and brought healing 
in his life in such a wonderful way.
such lengths He went to too.

He'll do the same for us.

Dramas such as these remind us
of God's love and that people 
are pretty much the same
whether born now
or thousands of years ago.

Yesterday Pastor Mike 
preached about righteousness and how
we just don't have it on our own.
Our righteousness is ALL Jesus.

He spoke of a day to come when we
will enjoy a new earth 
where we will no longer bear the scars of 
Adam's sin.

No more grudges.
No more jealousy.
No more sin or sorrow or pain.

What an encouragement.
So, while we wait for that day to come
we are invited to accept the righteousness offered
to us, in Jesus, so that one day 
we can enjoy eternal joy and peace.

Isn't that just perfect for heading into 
the Christmas celebrations?

This was the key song of the day 

Love it!


Theresa said...

Oh what a fun time with family and friends:) I know you all enjoyed it so much! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I loved meeting PJ in person and getting to really hug her! She is dear! What a sweetheart!

I would have loved to have the whole day with you two, but I did get so much done! Tim and the kids got a wonderful tree!

Have a great week!


Linda Gross said...

What a nice Thanksgiving Day weekend you had. I am happy that you got to spend the time with family and friends.

PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

it was SUCH a wonderful day! I'm going to share all of my wonerful thrifting finds tomorrow... a million thank yous for all your hospitality <3