Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wonderful Visit

This past weekend was precious.
My Uncle Chuck and Aunt Linda came for a visit.
They ran through the downpours of Friday evening to go see Jonah.
When I say downpours...we are talking of Biblical proportions.
Jonathan was working, directing traffic in that storm
and came home soaked all the way through.
I noticed his wallet upside down to dry later that evening.

Uncle Chuck and Aunt Linda greatly enjoyed the 
show and we had much fun discussing it at Hershey Farms 
where we went for breakfast the next morning.
This was where I either learned or was reminded that 
it was just after my birth that my Uncle began drinking coffee.
A habit that he has never looked back from.
The story goes that he felt an uncle was old enough 
to drink that thick black liquid my Grandfather put out.
He would have been in his mid to late teens at the time.

I threw everyone for a loop and then into 
spasms of laughter at one point as I shifted gears 
in my head and then verbally from Jonah
flying in the show 
to that little 80 year old lady who 
recently had such a scary experience in a tandem
parachute jump.
Apparently everyone else was trying to figure out 
why I was describing a lady jumping from an airplane in the show.
Giggles, I tell ya. Giggles.

We let Chuck and Linda peruse "our" delightful quilt shops
at their leisure all day and then had them over for 
dinner on the deck.
I made baked pork chops, baked potatoes,
baked beans.
Chelsea had made Banana muffins and Georgia made
a delicious lettuce salad. 
Her own home grown lettuce. 
So good!
Afterwards we went to our local dairy for 
ice cream and then back to Georgia's for 
a game of Dirty Marbles.
Always a fun time.

I received this simply gorgeous crocheted afghan 
made by the hands of Aunt Linda herself.
It is so soft and quite heavy.

I was glad they were able to stay to join us at 
church on Sunday.
It was special to hear Uncle Chuck's delightful
voice singing.
Music is very important in our family and so many 
hours of car rides and family times have been 
spent singing together.
It is what we do.
I've missed that so much since my Dad 
has moved on to the next level of music....
In Heaven.

Before lunch we took a few photos together.
Of course you have to see them....

I had to coax that smile out of  Uncle Chuckles......

I love the suspenders...My Dad and Granddad wore them too.  Love them!!

Finally got Mom into the picture....

I'm so thankful for this time spent with 
these dear people.
Facebook and Blogging has been such a wonderful
tool for reconnecting and staying connected.
For this, I am delighted.

Much later in the day...
after most had left someone came running into the 
Fellowship Hall and exclaimed that there was a double 
rainbow over the church.
I nearly forgot my camera but seeing Kelly go for hers
I was reminded.
How fun after such a rainsoaked weekend to be reminded that 
this world will never again be completely destroyed by water.

So blessed.
That's me.


Vee said...

Oh your aunt is a sweetheart for making that beautiful afghan for you. It works so well in your living room! I bet it'll be very cozy on cool mornings with a good book.

I like Uncle Chuckles' thinking there about the coffee. I'm sure he is capable of a bigger grin, though.

You mention that poor woman being tossed out of the plane upside down and clinging for dear life. I tell ya, if I have to jump from a plane, I definitely want to see the view not the inside of my own shirt!

Vee said...

Oh thanks for the rainbow! We've not seen any yet...

Theresa said...

Beautiful day with family and topped it all off with a double rainbow! Nothing better:) I love suspenders too, my Daddy wore them:) Have a blessed day dear Becky, HUGS!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I loved meeting PJ's parents! So sweet!


Kelly Bermudez said...

Awe, looks like sooo much fun! What is dirty marbles BTW? :)

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I'm with Kelly....what is dirty marbles? What a nice memory for you to have with your aunt and uncle. He looks like someone fun to talk to....it's all over his face!

Becky K. said...

I thought you might be curious about dirty marbles. It is a game made up by a retiree in Florida. It like a cross between Sorry and Aggravation. You play with marbles and playing cards on a large wooden board that this man makes. Would you believe that Warren and Georgia won? Mother/Son team. I think it was rigged...lol.

Maybe I'll do a post about this game some time if I can get the man's information and if he is willing to make more. No one who has ever played it has hated it, that I know of.

Sue Runyon said...

Thanks for explaining dirty marbles :-) Beautiful afghan. I have a wing chair that looks almost exactly like that one. And, by the way, I love your blog banner.

*~Niki~* said...

That blanket is beautiful you can tell a lot love went into that. Great photos of your family! I too love your new banner. Blessings Niki x

Aloquin said...

You know, it is so comforting to hear that lives like that still exist. I mean, going back home for a game of marbles? That, to me, is precious. Your church also looks so homey. The suspenders are great, my Grandpa wore them too. The quilts are beautiful... it all together reminds me of a simpler time, and it is very refreshing to know it still exists. Maybe I should move to somewhere upstate...

Luella Newkirk said...

A delightful post! I love the colors in the afghan and the ripple in the blue makes me think of ocean waves. Sounds like your aunt and uncle are very special people.

MYSAVIOR said...

You are blessed. What a darling family you have, Becky!

The quilt is beautiful and what a sweet family heirloom.


Angels and Everlastings said...

Oh - what beautiful rainbows and I love the family photos.

Gladys said...

Is always good to enjoy family time. The food sounded delicious especially the pork chops and the banana muffins. Wow! What a lovely gift you received.

JD said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day! The afghan is beautiful, always makes me feel like getting my crochet hook out when I see something as beautiful as this...